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Oct 6, 2013 06:23 PM

Check my itineray-I want an amazing Chicagoan experience

I am going to Chicago in a few weeks and have been scouting out Chowhound and other various Chicago magazines for amazing restaurants. I wanted to spend around $100 for a meal and am going with a non-foodie. Here is what I have planned, give you me opinion or other ideas.

lunch-Purple Pig-know it will be a wait, but am hoping the wait is less on a Thursday.
dinner-La Scarola

breakfast-Little Goat
lunch-Au Chevel

breakfast-either Seven on Heaven or Wildberry Pancake and Café

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  1. Your choices seem tasty to me, and I think would serve both of you well. I don't know La Scarola and haven't been to Sable, but know it is well-regarded for small plates (especially the sweet corn brulee) and cocktails. Here are my concerns, though: Most of your choices do not take reservations. Many are also lean toward heavy, filling fare. Are you planning to do anything in Chicago other than eat, travel between restaurants, and wait to eat? For example, Little Goat and Au Chevel are in the same block. Do you have any plans between breakfast and lunch? If your goal is to sample as many places as possible, this itinerary will work, otherwise I believe it might be overly ambitious.

    1. You probably won't have much of a wait at Purple Pig on a Thursday assuming counter or communal seating doesn't bother you.

      Little Goat breakfast followed by Au Cheval lunch in the same day is asking for trouble later!

      1. Not a big Sable fan - for dinner. It's great for drinks and a bite (good sliders, but I was disappointed with the corn brulee) but with so many other great dinner places, I would consider Mexique or Frontera Grill for gourmet regional Mexican or The Publican or Nellecote or GT Fish and Oyster or Maudes.

        My only other thought is that while LaScarola is very good Italian-American, you could have a much more interesting Italian experience at Bar Toma or maybe even Piccola Sogna.

        1. Sable is great for a cocktail, anyone who tells you it's a great dinner place is just wrong. I would look at something like Vera, La Sirena Clandestina, or Avec instead. Purple Pig is a definite yes.

          I actually like La Scarola but it's old school Italian. It's the odd one out on your list, for sure, and if what you like is what's new, I think you'll be disappointed by a traditional, good but not great place.

          I agree with the comment that Little Goat and Au Cheval are two gut bombs back to back. If you're in that area, I would go to Publican Quality Meats for lunch, as you can get something smaller and lighter there (very relatively speaking as it's still a pork palace). Or do a lighter breakfast and Au Cheval for lunch.

          Are you staying downtown? Jam is nice, but it's quite the hike from where you're staying if so. If I was going to venture up to Logan Square I'd go to dinner at Telegraph or Yusho rather than take a cab or blue line train for breakfast. But I don't prioritze breakfast the same way, personally.