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Oct 6, 2013 04:59 PM


Visiting friends in Marietta soon. We're from the SF Bay Area. Looking for some places for a good lunch or dinner. We like to eat things that we might not cook at home, love offal, out-of-the ordinary stuff and truly local, real Southern cooking.

Especially want local shrimp, oysters, fried chicken, etc. Love good food, doesn't have to be $$$ or a "special event" type of place. Was hoping for some bbq but not encouraged by things I've read.

Not looking for a "Cal-Ital" type of place - we have enough of them at home!

Have looked at on-line menus and found the following, could you give me some feed back? (I searched this board and didn't find much).

Seed Kitchen & Bar
Table & Main
Roux on Canton

Any other suggestions?


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  1. been to both Greenwoods and Pastis--both very good.Greenwoods has great southern type food,and makes their own cakes et al.
    Pastis is very good country French--both are in Roswell---For country French, i like le Petite Maison better--its about 15 minutes fromPastis, but id drive 285 to Roswell rd--in no traffic time itll be maybe 25 minutes fromMarietta Its run by a French family and is execllent and not expensive--get their house salad and thei "perfitorles" as dessert.I usually just get their special.
    If you like Szechuan trek over to Gu's Bistro--itd be maybe a 30minute run but its the best in Atlanta--again family run, but check out their menu.I lived in Palo Alto for a bit, and this is as good as any Avenues spot in SF.Enjoy

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      Tks bobstripower, appreciate the input. Really love to eat local wherever we go, that's why Greenwoods sounds good and from what you've said, that's probably going to be the one.

      Love Szechuan so I'm tempted, just that we have so much good Chinese food near home. I can eat that anytime but am tempted just the same. Guess I'll see when we get there...

    2. BTW Grand Champion BBQ is execllent--its in Marietta--their beef brisket is unreal,pork is excellent.As i said i did live out your way,and Gu's is in that class.But your right about trying something new.There are lots of very good spots in town, which woud be maybe 30 minute drive from marietta,South City Kitchen may fit your bill

      1. There's also:
        Muss & Turners
        Heirloom Market BBQ (though I'm not sure what the takeout/dine-in situation is lately)
        BBQ-1 (headed toward Roswell)
        Dave Poe's BBQ (on Whitlock not far from Marietta Square)
        Bub-ba-Q (in Woodstock)

        I haven't been to Grand Champion, so I'm not sure how it compares. And I haven't been to Greenwood's in forever, but their fried chicken with the honey-vinegar sauce makes me think happy thoughts.

        1. I can't imagine what you read that left you discouraged about BBQ, because there are some excellent places in Cobb County. Heirloom Market is completely terrific, one of my ten favorites of 240+ BBQ restaurants on our blog. There's also Sam's BBQ-1 and Dave Poe's, which are both really good, Big Shanty Smokehouse, which has been winning raves for years, a really good takeout place called Ebony & Ivory, and the incredibly local, not-duplicated-anywhere-else style of Hudson's-style sauce, a Georgia specialty available in a couple of places in south Cobb County, Johnny's in Powder Spgs and Wallace in Austell. Georgia barbecue is much better than people who don't live here say.

          I would also happily recommend Chicken & the Egg on 120 not far from the Marietta Square for new southern. If you'd like a proper, old-fashioned meat-n-three without any of the pretension of city flair, drive up to Doug's Place in Emerson. Other options are Alton Brown's beloved Sloppy Slaw burgers at The Red-Eyed Mule (breakfast and lunch only) and the frankly awesome chili slaw dogs at Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs (lunch only, cash only) where I eat about once every three weeks, and the catfish at Barbecue Street, which is better than the BBQ.

          The chili at Rocco's Pub has been competition-level good for years, though folk say it's not as good as it once was. The restaurant is the home of a celebrated annual cookoff. And the square is home to a couple of very nice places with solid reputations, Willie Rae's and Shillings, and a new place, The Butcher The Baker, that I have heard good things about.

          I'd also think about going up to Acworth for Henry's Louisiana Grill, because it's terrific. I also like a no-frills Brazilian buffet called Sabor do Brazil on Delk Road. Heck, there are lots of great places!

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            MarieLetsEat: Thanks so much for your detailed post! The negative info for bbq came from another Atlanta CH thread. I was really surprised by the negative comments because I had always heard that there's good Q to be had. Check this link, specifically the posts from jboeke & chloebell dated 8/9/13:

            We have a couple of lunches to fill out on our schedule so hopefully we can try one of the places you've mentioned.

            Thanks again and I'll post after our trip...

          2. BBQ is like pizza--it all depends on what you had as a child--then all pizza et al has to e that wayas an adult--same with BBQ folks from Texas like beef BBQ, south like pork, some like SC sauce or NC sauce, some like chopped--imfrom NYC where BBQ really wasnt big till the koreans showed up--but i lived near Lexington NC, the home of southern BBQ for a while and like the pulled pork with slaw,and hush puppies,with the NC sauce each to his own,but there are some better places around

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              Good points bobstripower... I'm sure we can find some "good bbq" during this trip :-)