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Oct 6, 2013 04:16 PM

Irawaddy Keren Deli

Excellent noodle options, but be flexible about menu choices. Tha, our waiter had great suggestions and was very helpful. We enjoyed the mohingar - fish and noodle soup, served with fried yellow bean crackers, cilantro and lime. We wouldn't have tried it had our first choice a chicken soup, not been unavailable. The squash fritters were the best I have ever had, delicate, and a mix of soft and crisp, accompanied by a subtly spicy tamarind sauce. Rangoon noodle was not on offer, but the chicken rice noodle was very good - also served with a woodear and bean sprout broth. Tom added roasted hot pepper to the fish soup, but it would overwhelm the subtle heat of the rice tube noodles, with chicken, chick peas, cabbage and boiled egg. Also with this dish, cilantro and lime are served on the side. Tea was served with meal. We also got an order of chicken curry - goat was also available - to take home. Delicious, subtle and worth a visit. Added bonus: we sat next to a collection of lovely embroidered Burmese skirts, which various ladies came by to view.

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  1. Google search for the restaurant name isn't turning up any results. Can you tell us anything about where this place is located?

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      1377 Arcade St, just off Wheelock. It's confusing, as the sign along the street says "Thai Noodles". In fact, while we were there a lady came in asking for that.
      The grocery store is quite interesting with some Keren specific goods, including noodles. There are also Buddhist robes and ceremonial offering bowls for sale. Say hi to young BoBo, who is a pretty good guide to the goods on offer and likely the only fluent English speaker you will encounter.

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        With a desire to bring authentic Burmese cuisine in St. Paul, we have now opened Irrawaddy Burmese Cuisine at 377 Arcade Street. Come and explore the flavors of Burma, and also some of our neighboring countries. Our restaurant is attached to the Original Karen Market & Deli Inc. We are open Monday through Sunday offering you with our daily regular dishes, our favorite dish of the day, along with take out and catering available.


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          Address is 1377 Arcade St - Close to Johnson High School.

      2. Ate the chicken/potato curry at home and it, too, was well-balanced and subtle in spicing, with anise, cilantro, cinnamon and chili blending well. Tha did not want to sell it to us initially because the curry was made with whole, not boneless, chicken. Not an issue for us. In addition to chicken and goat curries, there were Massaman, beef and pork curries available.

        1. I've been super curious about this place.Thank you for posting. I'm already dying to try the squash fritters!


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            I was thinking of you TDQ! Maybe we should do a chow down there? I'm up to go again.

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              You know I'm always up for a good meal...


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                I think there were two tables of four and four for two. We're around this weekend. Sunday early, perhaps?