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Oct 6, 2013 02:52 PM

Brooklyn "Food tour on Foot"....suggestions?

Hello. My husband and I will be arriving in Brooklyn for one night, on a Friday. We will be staying with a friend on Jackson St. (bet. Manhattan and Humboldt). We are interested in exploring the neighborhood on foot, stopping and eating along the way, from about 11 am until dinner around 7 or 8. Any suggestions for places to get a slice, some good ethnic food, a beer, some small plates? We did Kathryn's West Village tour in January and it was great. Walked off everything we ate (well, almost).
Any suggestions welcome, we love pretty much any kind of food.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Stop into Emily 's Pork Store and locate the finger food

    1. Depending on when you are coming, you should probably check out Smorgasburg. Varied opinions about the value, but its always interesting to me. If you just walk along Bedford, you will see quite a few places. If you like cheese, check out Bedford Cheese Shop. I like Dumont Burger for obviously burgers. Isa is also worth checking out.

      1. Check out Fortunato Brothers, on Manhattan and Devoe for classic Italian cookies/pastries and gelato and Blue Stove on Graham and Withers for excellent new-school Brooklyn baking. Beaner Bar and Variety are both good choices for coffee. Carmine's on Graham is good for a quick slice, but if you're feeling more motivated walk up Metropolitan and head over to Best Pizza on Havemeyer and North 8th. Nearby on Metropolitan is Saltie for excellent, creative sandwiches. Momofuku Milk Bar is right there, too, which many people like. The Commodore down the block opens at 4pm –– they have fantastic fried chicken, biscuits, and fried chicken/fish sandwiches.

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          Great suggestions. Thank you everyone. I will be sure to report back on what we end up trying. We will only have Friday during the day and evening, as we will head into Manhattan on Saturday, so we'll miss the Smorgasburg. Maybe next time.