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Oct 6, 2013 02:10 PM

Munich made Simpl ?

Evening all

Am in Munich for a few days this weekend, just after all the festivities are over!
.Staying north of the centre ( Pulman , near Nordfriedhof station I think ) and wondered

-is this an area we should eat/drink in?
-if so any recs ?
- am a bit of a novice at German cuisine so anything goes, really !

-nearest place which comes up in various posts is Alter Simpl which looks like my kind of place , fairly unstuffy , simple food and decent beers ? only question given studenty vibe is whether three British mid 40's blokes are going to be a little, well, conspicuously inappropriate clientele ?
-also saw some posts for Locanda Picolit but is that now closed ? Perhaps I was looking at old posts ?

-also wondered which beer houses we absolutely have to go when in the city
-the more microbrew the better
-if they do food, even better, but good food nearby absolutely fine !
-I am a bit weisse fan, but equally dunkel friendly !
-Would rather avoid tourist traps..but then that's why I am posting here isn't it ?!
-Also intrigued by some posts about game and the autumn - any good places to go and particular delights to sample.?
All help- even signposting me on to other beer geek type websites, much appreciated


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  1. What ?
    No tips at all ?
    I fly tomorrow.
    All/any help gratefully received !

    1. I'm sorry I missed your posting... I was in Brussels and just back. I'm probably too late but we really enjoyed a meal at Brenner's but that was awhile ago. It's a large place, and I liked that it seemed to be feeding locals and the menu wasn't particularly 'German.'

      1. I hope it's not too late. Alter Simpl is not just for students, great atmosphere and interesting history. Don't know anything about Locanda Picolit, sorry.

        Beer-wise, there really isn't any such thing as a microbrew, though Augustiner comes close in that they refuse to advertise. If you like Weissbier then you should try Schneider Weisse.

        Game is starting to show up on menus now (venison and boar mostly), most places mentioned in other threads (I think you'd like D├╝rnbrau) will have at least one or two options on the menu. Goose and duck are also traditional this time of year.