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Oct 6, 2013 01:34 PM

NZ Sauvignon Blanc

I tasted a Kim Crawford and a Starborough blind and was hard pressed to find a discern able difference. Maybe I have an unrefined palate but are a lot of the marlborough sb's similar? Anyone have a favorite in the $10-20 range?

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  1. Isabel. Seresin. Spy Valley. Huia.

      1. They are similar. I've been buying Sauvignon Republic from Trader Joe's for $8. I've tasted a couple of cheaper ones that were kind of bland.

        1. My wife, a strange one.

          She loves cheap New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (New Harbour is her favourite), but intensely dislikes the classic examples (Cloudy Bay or Dog Point, for examples). She hates Kim Crawford. Loves Kiwi Walk, or whatever that's called. Hates Oyster Bay (fair enough, I guess).

          My problem is this: I know she likes this particular wine, but if I'm at a shop that doesn't have it, I don't know what to get.

          I've been trying out more complex Marlboroughs on her, but she hates them.

          So, I'd say check out her favourite: New Harbour.

          1. I like the cheap ones for my glass or two while making dinner and they are all fairly similar. Brancott Estate is usually reliable (tastes grapefruit like to me) and 2012 is available in a lot of place right now for $10 or a little less. My current favorite more expensive one is Whitehaven ranging from 12 to 16 in price. I just got New Harbour but have not tried it yet. Monkey Bay and Nobilio are also good when on sale.