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Oct 6, 2013 12:59 PM

Post tap-room tour dinner recommendation

My in laws are visiting in a few weekends and we are taking them tap-room-hopping (thinking steel toe, Fulton, indeed, and dangerous man). We live out in the burbs so we don't get out for dinner in that area often - any recommendations?

My husband and I love the twin cities food scene but the in laws are bit more reserved. I'm looking for something local, but not more than $30 per person.

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  1. I'm trying to channel my reserved in-laws/grandparents here, who want American food...'If you can't pronounce the restaurant I don't want to eat there' ethos. I suppose they'd be anti-food trucks that are usually there on the weekends?

    If finishing the tour in Northeast (Dangerous Man and Indeed) how about Modern Cafe.
    If finishing at Fulton - Black Sheep.

    1. For a post taproom tour dinner, I'd recommend Stanley's which is close by. The food is great and approachable for the inlaw's, although I'm not sure about the noise level. It has a great beer list also - not that you need one after the tap room hopping.

      1. + 1 on the Modern if you are in NE.

        But if you are more in the mood for red meat like me after drinking beers, I would suggest Erte. It's one of the best value steakhouse in the Twin Cities for the price you are looking at:

        If you are at Fulton, I'd suggest JD Hoyt's as a downtown steak option, though I'd suggest the pork chops as I believe they are the best in the city. The Buddy Bowl is a great app too.

        Have fun, just thought I'd throw out some steak options for you if that is what you think you might be in the mood for.

        1. If you end up at Fulton, I'd recommend the Monte Carlo. Great spot for straightforward out-of-towners.

          1. Haute Dish on Washington. You would have to drive a bit from Fulton, but it's updated midwestern classics so it's familiar to them but fun for you.

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              Or you could walk the 6 1/2 blocks...