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Oct 6, 2013 12:50 PM

Westchester NY (Upper Westchester) 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Hi! I am looking for either a fun and lively venue for a couples joint 40th birthday party on a Fri or Sat night in Upper Westchester-White Plains area.
a sports pub or restaurant that can bring in tvs for a 1:00 jets game and just have it be guys Would like food and drink for around $30pp


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  1. There's The Stadium in Garrison. It's Putnam, but not too far from Northern Westchester. How many people are you looking at? Since you also mentioned WP (which is NOT Upper Westchester), Buffalo Wild Wings in White Plains is located in a former bank branch and they have tables in the vault that would be a cool place for a party. Not sure if they have TV's in there.. I'd expect that they do. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in White Plains also has TV sets and there was a kids birthday party going on when we were there recently.