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Oct 6, 2013 12:47 PM

Lexington bar to watch game and eat well

Is there anywhere near the aloft hotel to eat something decent and see game tonight?

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  1. The Vine Brook Tavern has TV's over their bar, and decent food, I'd say. If you like Margarita's, there's one near you just over the border into Bedford. As long as you're going that way, though, go a little further and have decent bbq and watch the game at the FireBox in Bedford, probably about 10 minutes from the aloft.

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      Thanks. None of those places came up in a quick look at other chowhound threads or a yelp search. I appreciate it.

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          I checked Firefox and they are closed on Sunday. Looks like vine street for food and beginning of game.

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            About Margarita's, agree that it is what it is. Since they are not technically a sports bar, they will have the game on TV but the sound will be off.

      1. I don't know Lexington as well as I once did, so am not sure where the TVs are. You could call Yangtze River and ask.
        Otherwise, there's an Irish pub (small national chain) called Waxy O'Connor's that will certainly have a crowd of sports fans.

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          For some reason I never think of Waxy's, and in fact haven't set foot in that restaurant for it's last few iterations. Nonetheless a reasonable suggestion. I'd still go to the Firebox.

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            I've not been to Waxy's myself. The food at Firebox is pretty reliable, but as I recall, the seating is not comfortable or conducive to sitting for several hours.

        2. I went to Vine Brook tavern and had a great meal. They had one tv on the football game and changed the other one so I could watch baseball. Terrific Caesar salad with a challah crouton and chicken al mat tone Great place. Only weirdness was they had great pizzas that are only "Togo".

          1. A little late, but The Copperhouse Tavern just off the winter st exit in Waltham is a great place to catch the game in the area. Lots of tv's and a great beer selection - although some are priced too high. Sandwiches, entrees, and appetizers have been good so far - not a fan of the burgers (bland) or the pizza (crust was lacking flavor and the sauce is too sweet) though.