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Oct 6, 2013 12:22 PM

Sports bar/restaurant near 92nd Street Y

Does anyone know of a sports bar restaurant or burger place with good food near the 92nd St. Y? It needs to be a restaurant, not just a bar, because I'll be with teenagers.

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  1. Earl's isn't far. Good beers and interesting cheese-centric menu, but no burgers. I don't think there's a tv either, if that's what designates something as a sports bar.

    1. Parlor might fit the bill-they jave lot's of flatscreens at their bar.

      1. The District on 3rd and 94th. And Kinsale Tavern, also on 3rd near 94th, is a bar but they have plenty of tables and good food. Lot's of TV's.


        1. Fetch on 92nd & 3rd has great burgers and plenty of other choices as well. Bar area is small, but I think it has a TV. It's not really a sports bar, but if watching a game is important you might be able to get a table with an angle to see the screen. Very nice, friendly place that shouldn't be fazed by a group of teens.

          1. For burgers, Shake Shack, Bareburger and Burger Bistro are nearby.

            The nearest sportsbars/restaurants would be The District and Kinsale's. Earl's might not be the right spot for teenagers (they do have one tv for Sunday football), but ABV might be more accommodating.