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Oct 6, 2013 12:10 PM

Dinner on new years eve at San Francisco

I am looking for best places of san francisco for an upscale group of 6 to dinner on New Years Eve...

Anyway I have no idea what is tipical to do in San Francisco on this date... I mean if people get together on a place to welcome the year... if there specific traditions to follow... ( In spain we eat grapes...) help me please to arrange something very special

thanks a lot in advance


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  1. There are fireworks at Midnight on the waterfront near the Bay Bridge. Having dinner in that area and then walking the Embarcadero to see the fireworks would be lovely. There are a number of upscale restaurants in that area -- Boulevard was the first one that came to mind.

    There aren't any food traditions specific to New Year's Eve, except toasting with Champagne. However, because it's such a busy occasion, lots of restaurants do special (and more expensive) menus.

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    1. It's one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants, many of which deal with the crowds by having prix-fixe special menus, which are sometimes considerably more expensive. Often there's a cheaper seating at 8 or so and a more expensive one starting around 10 and lasting past midnight. Some places have live music and dancing.

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        Hola Robert

        Thanks a lot... do you know of one of this restaurants + live music and dancing??



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          The restaurants should start announcing their plans in early November. Some may have already.

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            Compared to other countries, our traditions on New Year's are a little skimpy. Typically one has a meal with friends, more than a few drinks, wait until midnight, gather together to watch fireworks (MAYBE), then go home.

            There are some big musical shows, big club/dance/raves. Sea of Dreams is one I've seen. You'd have to say what kind of scene you're into, and these are all parties --- not food --- thus off topic here.

            The best NYC I've been to, 'round here, was at Yoshi's they were hosting the "coast to coast talk of the nation", where on the radio they celebrated New Year's in all time zones. They had a fine swing band. I really, really don't remember if food was involved.

            Otherwise, the thing is to eat near the waterfront and wander over for the fireworks. You might look at eating anywhere, then a table at Harry Denton's.

            As RL says, it's super busy, with all these prix fixe menus. It's so busy that no one goes out - I cook a really nice dinner at home and invite friends over [ sic ].

          2. As others have noted, lots of restaurants will have special New Years Eve events (usually overpriced). One thing to be aware of is the difficulty of getting around the city that night. Cabs are hard to come by all night, but the period after midnight when everyone is going home is especially bad. At the part of town where the fireworks are, all forms of transportation are negatively affected and that's no fun, especially if it's raining. So you might want to consider some place within walking distance from where you are staying. BTW, the fireworks are fine if you happen to be in the neighborhood, but hardly worth the hassle if you are not.

            1. If you are willing to spend the money (about $400 a person), I have spent two New Years at Top of the Mark.

              The caviar bar alone was worth the price for me and my fiance proposed to me there last year. There is free-flowing Champagne (Chandon!) and the appetizers and prosciutto were more interesting than the actual dinner, so we filled up on those and had a great time. You are also able to see the fireworks, if the night is clear.