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Oct 6, 2013 11:46 AM

breading food for frying... 2 DUH moments!?!

Ya know how cooking shows talk wet hand, dry hand while breading... seasoned flour, egg, seasoned crumbs?!? When I saw this first tip.... came close to a bruise on my forehead!

When you get ready to put wet/egged stuff into crumbs, grab a handful of the dry crumbs FIRST and sprinkle over. Keeps that dry hand drier for much longer. First DUH!!

If you are double dipping stuff for extra thick/crispy coating... put the bread crumbs in TWO separate containers... 2nd DUH!!

Have you had any DUH moments that have helped in your cooking?

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  1. I always thought that was why God made soap and water, DUH. I understand, tho. I'll try your method next time and will probably send up a prayer for your post! One of my DUH moments was discovering that marinating chicken (or anything, for that matter) in a gallon sized Zip Loc was infinitely superior to putting the stuff in a 9x13 container and turning periodically.

    1. DUH courtesy of Sara Moulton. When breading, use a rectangular tray lined with a piece of parchment, wax, butcher, or freezer paper cut large enough to hang at least 6" over the long sides. Cut or fold it so it is even with the short sides. For example, if using a 9x13 pan, you'd want a piece 13"x 24". Add your flour or bread crumbs. Lifting the loose ends of the paper alternately will toss the food being floured/breaded from side to side, requiring less handling of sticky, wet pieces.

      Tossing foods with oil in a sealed plastic bag coats them more evenly than doing this in a bowl or on a baking sheet.

      When scaling fish indoors, Open a large plastic bag inside your sink and lay the fish into it. Prop the open edge up onto the counter and sink rim, and work inside the bag.

      1. I just use for wet--one for dry. Easy!

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