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Oct 6, 2013 11:39 AM

Need help from Japanese speakers!

Hi there-
Sort of a weird question, not sure if this is on the right board. I received a beautiful chef's knife from an ex of mine. Its a gorgeous thing, wonderfully balanced and really perfect for me. I'm hoping to order another from the company- but have no idea where it came from. I figured I could turn to you fine folks for help!

Here's a photo of the box. Can anyone help me read this? I think its japanese, hand made?

Thanks! I'll post a photo of the actual knife soon, just have the box on me.

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  1. Although I can't make out the top character, the next two together, 料理 ryouri, mean cuisine. The last two might say knife, 包丁bouchou, but the first character is questionable. Generally, if you see 丁 in a kitchenware store (rather specific, eh?), it refers to a knife.

    Alternatively, check out this site:, with a description of various Japanese knives.

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    1. re: BuildingMyBento

      Thanks for the link! I'm going to take a photo tonight to show the characters on the blade- probably more useful.

      1. <I received a beautiful chef's knife from an ex of mine.>

        Your ex is very nice. Is he really an ex? :)

        I am not a true Japanese native speaker, but I can make out the Kaji characters. The last 4 characters. Like BuildingMyBento said, the characters 料理 mean cuisine or cooking. The characters 庖丁mean kitchen knife.

        Therefore 料理庖丁 means cooking kitchen knife.

        In other words, the box only reveal the most generic information. If you are interested, take a few photo of the actual knife and the characters on the knife blade. Sometime, there are specific information there.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          ah! thanks for the help. I'll take a photo and post it either tonight or tomorrow of the actual blade.

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            I added a photo of the actual knife. Thanks again for any rudimentary help.

            1. re: carlee134

              akehost is spot on. See his comment below.

              Your knife states that 義弘作, which means Made by 義弘
              義弘 is known as Yoshihiro in US States. You can find numerous Yoshihiro knife eBay.

              For example you can see the same characters if you scroll the mouse over these image:



              In fact, there is a Yoshihiro store on eBay:


          2. There are a lot of "knife knutts" in this forum who can help you find a great knife. What do you want from your next knife?

            I focus on function first. Brand loyalty is at best a secondary thing since most Japanese knives within the same "price class" are very competitive with one another in terms of an end user purchase option.

            1. SO here is a photo of the actual knife's inscription. Sid post- I'd like to get another one of these if possible!

              1. The etching says "Yoshihiro Saku (made by Yoshihiro)."
                The knife is made by a company named Yamawaki Hamono Seisakusho in Sakai-ku, Osaka, Japan.
                Here's the company (the link is not working though):

                I found some of their products being sold at Rakuten as well:

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                1. re: akehost

                  here it is! thank you so much for your help! I wish I could read those japanese sites. Thanks, you!