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Oct 6, 2013 11:00 AM

Where might I purchase Bottarga in Montreal ?

I am dying to try some shaved Bottarga on a seafood pasta. Bottarga is made from cured tuna roe sacs and is used in Italian and Lebanese dishes.
Does anybody know who sells Bottarga ?

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  1. Here's an old thread on the subject:

    A few places are mentioned including Macchi Inc. which is probably a good place to start.

    1. La Mer carries bottarga.

      1. Chez Vito on St. Viateur has two types (mullet and yellow tail (rare!))

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        1. re: soldog

          Excellent to know! But isn't Chez Vito at Fairmont and St. Urbain?

        2. La Mer almost always has it when I go although it is often labeled greek-style. I dont know enough about bottarga to tell you what greek style is.

          I was at Milanos yesterday and they had 2 types, mullet for 45$ a pack and another one that was not clearly labeled or priced. (could have just been a different brand but still mullet)