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Oct 6, 2013 10:54 AM

Pan-fried pierogies in Greenpoint?

I've lived in Greenpoint for years, and have hit up a bunch (though not all) of the Polish restaurants, and the main thing I've been seeking has always eluded me: pan-fried pierogies.

Restaurants all seem to offer them deep-fried or simply boiled; however, the pierogies I always ate growing up (in a Polonian community in CT) at home, at parish festivals, at my Polish school etc...were always sauteed in a pan, with butter and maybe onions.

That style of pierogi is far superior to the deep-fried pierogies, which, though pretty good, can never really be transcendent; they're a bit too bar-snacky.

is this only a style that's served in Polish homes (and church festivals where there's no deep-fryer)? as it is, I have to fulfill my pierogi cravings by bringing home batches after Wigilia and pan-frying them myself. Anywhere in Greenpoint (or beyond) that pan-fries, as a pierogi should be?

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  1. grew up in a polish household where we never went out for polish food -- that would be an insult to grandma. but we only had them pan fried. i never saw a deep fried pierog until i was an adult. boiled, sometimes.. deep fried, no.

    i thought i had pan fried at jadlo, but it's been a while.....

    1. If and when you find them, PLEASE share. I've been looking for a while –– glad to hear that there's someone out there on a similar quest.

      The restaurant that was in the Karczma space years ago pan fried their pierogies (and they were excellent), but that was the only place I ever found that did so and of course it's long gone.

      1. Are you open to neighborhoods besides Greenpoint?

        Maybe if you ask at Ukrainian National Home (EV) they'll pan fry the pierogi for you. They still hand grate their potato pancakes.

        Or look for them at Polish church suppers.

        I've almost always had them boiled.

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          I've tried Jadlo and Karczma (not the place it used to be...) and Lomzynianka and a bunch of the other usual suspects--all only offer deep-fried or boiled.

          non-Greenpoint neighborhoods I'd try out (although I have hit a few of the Uk/Polish places in the East Village--no luck, all deep) but cmon, I live in GREENPOINT, there should be pan-fried pierogies shooting out of every storm drain and chimney.

        2. something I just realized: people who didn't grow up in a Polish household and have only eaten pierogies at restaurants...have probably never had them the best way!!! eek

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            Frankly, we usually go out and buy pierogis at our local store and fry them in a pan. If I want to get fancy, will fry some onions to serve with them. And of course sour cream. I usually dont think about buying these at a Polish restaurant and I wonder if the average polish person does either. Are the Greenpoint restaurants' pierogis better than the kind one can find inn a polish grocery? My store, eagle provision, usually has them from several makers and of course several types.

            As far as deep frying, that sounds dreadful but par for the course. Pan frying requires careful work and maybe even some butter but it leaves you with some crispy parts and some noodly parts which I certainly prefer (as with a blinz.. The "spanish" restaurants that serve fried plantains have mostly shifted over to deep frying their maduros too, which is realy too bad. Its just a lot less work, and faster.

          2. Exactly. The best restaurant pierogies I've ever had were the potato and cheese at Sokolowski's in Cleveland.
            They boil them to start, then brown them in the grill before putting the into a bath of butter and onions.
            Pretty much perfect, but nobody does them that way here that I know of.
            Although if someone does, I know I and my partner of Polish descent will have to go there.