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Oct 6, 2013 10:52 AM

Apple orchards suggestions welcomed - missing Phil's Apples

We are sadly missing Phil's Apples out in Harvard, its wonderful cider pressing 'til December, and especially its proprietor, Phil Rymsha.

Apparently someone bought it and is trying to continue the operation although it isn't open this year.

Any fans out there that can recommend an alternative in that area? Looking for a place that is more about the apples than agri-tainment, though I know that is important to sustain a farm these days.


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  1. Although I grew up enjoying the Stow Bolton farms, it's been many years. Just thought I would top this as I love the term


    never heard it, very funny and accurate!!!

    1. I never made it to Phil's, but would heartily recommend Nicewicz Family Farms in Bolton -- they are a friendly and very apple-focused operation. They primarily have PYO and a very small stand.

      They don't do cider, unfortunately; I think finding a cider operation that isn't a big show is harder. I have occasionally gone to Nicewicz to pick apples then made a very quick stop at Honey Pot Hill in Stow for cider; it's crowded and a bit crazy, but they do have good unpasteurized cider (and donuts).

      1. Phil's is open this year, both for you pick and for cider. The new owners are working away.

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          Been there twice, it sure is open. Check out their Facebook page to see for yourself. That is the only way to communicate with them now too.

        2. Are you sure it's not open? At least two people on this board have said that they bought cider there within the past week:

          1. Agree that Phil and his orchard are a treasure. The website does explain that it is under new ownership and open until November. Same deal as with Phil- Pick Your Own under the honor system during the week; Cider pressing on the week-ends.

            But has anyone been there to check it out?

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              My daughter was there for a party yesterday. Picked some nice Macs and brought home fine unpasteurized cider.

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                We went Saturday and chatted with one of the (very nice) new owners and his daughter who was helping him out. He said they hope to keep pressing through Thanksgiving. Said they were up early pressing to get a head start and had plenty of cider ready to go, which was great considering we bought more than five gallons. Delicious as always. Make the trip, it's worth it.