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Oct 6, 2013 08:07 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Night Market food stalls near the "Kau Ong Yah" or Nine Emperor Gods Temple (九皇爷安邦南天宫)

Some local KL friends brought me to the Night Market along Jalan Merdeka, near the "Kau Ong Yah" or Nine Emperor Gods Temple (九皇爷安邦南天宫) in Ampang town. The populace here are mainly Fujianese (Hokkien) Chinese, and food stalls there mainly catered to the Taoist devotees thronging to the large temple. Some of the food stall offerings:
- Fishballs on skewers, cooked in spicy curried gravy
- Pan-fried egg fritters
- Stinky beancurd or "chau tau fu" (臭豆腐), crisp-fried and served with a spicy chilli dip
- Crisp-fried chicken/Macaunese pork chop in a bun
- "Sha kei ma" or caramelised egg ribbon cakes (a very popular sweet of Manchurian origin)
- Steamed sweet potatoes and peanuts
- Roasted chestnuts
- Freshly-rolled spring rolls
- Pan-fried Fujianese (Hokkien) noodles and also rice vermicelli
- 5-spiced pork rolls and various assortment of deep-fried tofu and prawn fritters
- Various types of Nyonya kuehs (cakes and puddings)

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  1. More pics from the Night Market:

    1. The same festival observed here by the Hokkiens, at Kusu Island where there's a Tua Pek Kong shrine. Did you try the chau tau fu?

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        Oh yes, I still remember the crowds during the annual pilgrimage to Kusu Island from the old Clifford Pier opposite Change Alley ( Now, ferry services to Kusu operate from Marina South.