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Oct 6, 2013 07:20 AM

Where to brunch on a Wednesday?

I am looking for a place that serves brunch on weekdays, specifically on Wednesdays, and has gluten-free/healthy options. Any neighbourhood will be considered as long as it is easily accessible by public transport.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. What counts as 'brunch'?

    1. B&M on St-Viateur (Mile End) & Au Pain Perdu (Plateau) are my favorite.

      1. L'Evidence on Saint-Denis across from the Carré Saint-Louis (metro Sherbrooke) is my absolute favourite. They serve on weekdays, are cheap and super delicious with tons of options, have yet to find a better brunch place anywhere...

        1. I personally enjoy L'Avenue on Mont-Royal and it usually isn't very busy on Wednesday, so I doubt there'd be more than a 5 minute wait. Menu has a bit of everything but their speciality are the eggs Benedict. I usually get the déjeuner fruité or le méditerranéen

          It's about an 6-8 minute walk from Mont-Royal metro.

          1. Regine Cafe is my new favorite, can't find another brunch place of their quality in the same price range.