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Oct 6, 2013 07:00 AM

Cooking Vessel for Cassoulet

I have a 9 qt round dutch oven in which I was planning to make cassoulet.
Now I'm reading that it's better to cook it in a ceramic pot (not necessarily one of those wide at top narrowing to bottom ones). Does it really make a difference? I'd really like to use what I have, if possible. Thanks!
PS Not sure if I should have posted this in a cooking forum for more responses-

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  1. Hi, travelluvr:

    No, making cassoulet in an earthenware vessel is no advantage. It's just a tradition.


    1. l have used both a doufeu from Le Creuset as well as a large clay pot from Toulouse and find results the same.
      The only big admonition l would recommend is to 'cut in' the crust as usually recommended so texturally it is crusty all the way through. Cut mine in four or five times.

      1. delucacheesemonger, Can I just use the Le Creuset dutch oven? I don't have a doufea. In reference to cutting the crust,do you mean to cut around the pot's perimeter or through the middle like a pie (sorry for my ignorance). I've heard mixed about crust cutting - thanks very much!!!

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          Pot you have is fine, but grease it at top as tends to burn around edges.
          By cutting in is meant to take the crusty top and fold it into the mass of beans and stuff so crunchy stuff is beneath the surface as well. You keep doing it while cooking slowly and eventually after many cut-ins and the whole thing is somewhat crunchy instead of uniform texture, which in a dish this rich might get boring easily.
          what kind of beans are you using ? l use haricot tarbais but any good bean will work. The advantage of the tarbais is their creamy texture when cooked.

        2. Thanks again Delucacheesemonger. I plan to use the tarbais
          beans, as well.

          1. I use my LC dutch oven too whenever I make fine!