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Oct 6, 2013 05:21 AM

Good eating near the Rosendale, High Falls area

We're moving to this area. Can anyone recommend restaurants--any kind--that are worth a visit? Thank you!

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  1. We had a terrific meal at Rosendale Cafe when there to see some live music.

    I'd go back even without music to lure us there. The restaurant is all vegetarian with some terrific tap beer and I think a full bar (definitely wine in addition to beer). We are not vegetarians, but do like eating that way. Lots of well prepared and well thought out dishes on the menu and specials.

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      we love rosendale cafe. great menu and interesting specials. it's amazing that they get some of the musical acts they do considering it's such a small place but that adds to the charm. of course you won't be far from the woodstock saugerties area and there's some good choices there, especially new world in saugerties. well worth a visit or two.

    2. I really enjoyed my meal at Market Market Cafe. The avocado on toast was an unexpectedly delicious treat and their fish tacos were excellent.