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Best NY Style Pizza

My husband is a Jersey boy and is having a hard time without NY Style pizza. Recommendations for places in and around Boston? We will travel for good pizza.

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  1. how about North End Pizza in Framingham.
    they are on rt 30 right off the mass pike east bound.

    You can get great pizza and baked goods there too

    1. You might like Louie's pizza in Woburn
      They make their dough daily, and stop selling when they run out.


      1. Former New Yorker here myself. So you mean thin pies, manhole cover size, gotta fold the slice in half? Hard to find but I will say that Armando's in Cambridge reminds me of the NY pies of my childhood.

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        1. re: newhound

          With the exception of Patsy's in East Harlem, I've never found a pie in NYC that has a crust I'd describe as "thin".

          It hasn't been mentioned on CH much, and it's been years since I ate there (I think at least 10 years now) but back in the day I really enjoyed Sweet Tomatoes in Newton Center. It'a closer to a Wooster Square pie, though.

          I've also enjoyed the pies from Newtowne Grille in Cambridge.

        2. per what newhound said (which i think is an apt description of what i think of as any slice) i think All Star Pizza bar in inman square does a good, if inconsistent (sometimes not enough salt, sometimes *too* floppy), job of that genre. big, foldable, and reminds me of an ny slice. the toppings they have, however, are on the unusual/upscale side, which can be a bit of cognitive dissonance (duck confit on dollar slice crust??) but when they work, i find it quite enjoyable.

          i wouldn't tell you to risk the price of a whole pie (they only do one size, large, and prices reflect this), but for a plain slice, or for trying one of the daily special slices (which they've started posting to their twitter account), i'd say its worth a shot.

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            Agree with this. All Star has thin crust, heavy mozzarella and lots of oregano on their cheese pizza. I swing by for a slice every now & then because it tastes a lot like the Stomboli's slice that got me through NYU back in the day.

          2. Welcome to Boston, go to Regina's in the North-End and have a good pie.

            1. Gran Gusto in Cambridge is worth a trip.

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                Gran Gusto has very good pizza, however it is Neapolitan style, not NY style as the OP is looking for.

                If agree that Armando's does a decent version of NY style.

              2. T Anthony. Go on a Saturday night when the old boss is working

                1. Yes, thin crust, no cornmeal, large slices. We have been craving it since we moved.

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                    I just recently moved from NYC and I'd love to know if you find anything close to NY-style pizza.

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                      I like New York Pizza on Mass. Ave. in the S. End for big thin crust slices, even when it's not after a late night at Wally's.

                      I like Sal's (Waterfront and on the Common), Ernesto's (N. End) and Armando's (Huron Village in Cambridge), too. Of those three, I'd probably choose Sal's for consistency and gigantic size of the slices (1/4 of a pizza).

                      I can't say for sure on cornmeal. You may check Eater Boston or Serious Eats Slice Boston category for more recommendations.

                      1. re: CportJ

                        I have Angela's in Saugus and Max and Leo's in Newton on my list to try. I understand they are two of the only places around here with coal-fired ovens.

                        Area Four in Kendall Sq. is now my go-to for more upscale pizza from a wood fired oven, but not NY style.

                        1. re: CportJ

                          we were very impressed w/ max and leo's last night-1st visit. have you been yet?

                    2. re: Sbdriscoll

                      Kind of a surprise and might not work as it is lunch time, weekdays only, but that said, I think that the pizza at Casa Razdora downtown next to The Vault near Broad St. fit this bill pretty darn close.

                      They offer either cheese or soppressata by the slice (only) and it's $4 per slice, which is 1/4 of a large pie -- fresh sauce, flavorful crust, and can/must be folded in half to eat by hand.

                      I have only had tasty, flavorful fresh food from this place having gone pretty much weekly for months - and they are very nice. Great Italian subs, panini, pasta, and salads as well.

                      It's pretty much the only pizza outside Regina that I crave in Boston proper (and I do like Armando's and Pinnochio's in Cambridge as well - and tolerate Sabatino's in Arlington - also liked Gran Gusto but never go there - alas, none of these qualify as NYC style per my Flushing native spouse...).

                    3. Ernesto's in the North End?

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                        Ernesto's in NE and Nino's in BH are the two places that we go when we are missing pizza from NJ.

                      2. Another former NY'er frustrated with Boston-area pizza. I like (and travel for) Stella's in Watertown. It wouldn't be a stand-out in NY, but that's also to say, it would fit right in.

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                          Stella's has slid WAY down hill. Pizza Roma on Waverley in Watertown is far better. I get an extra well done pie there every friday. When Roma as on vacation this summer I tried Stella's and it was horrible. Pale under-done (though I'd requested extra well done) and "crackery" crust, bland sauce. Armando's is the only thing close in the Cambridge / Belmont / Watertown / Arlington area. Keep meaning to see if there is anything decent in Waltham (no conveyor belt pizza please).

                          1. re: Chef Bwana

                            You may have had a bad day. We've done take out 10 or so pies on numerous occasions and Stella's has been good as usual.

                        2. Regina Pizzeria, ordered and enjoyed in the North End restaurant, is my favorite.

                          I recently tried Santarpio's on Route 1 Northbound in Peabody - decent prices, size(not enormous), and really liked the hot peppers topping. Both of these places offer anchovies too, which is a must for me.

                          Regina Pizzeria


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                            I like Santarpio's a lot but the cornmeal on the bottom can be offputting to those seeking NY style pizza.

                          2. The local chain, Sal's Just Pizza, does a huge thin-crust pie that has a large local following. I recently read that Jimmy's Pizza Too in Lowell is the best pizza in that area. I tried and loved it, though I haven't tasted their competitors' offerings, other than Sal's, over which I'd pick Jimmy's.

                            1. Leo's in Walpole. Daniella's in Hamilton. Pizzeria Regina N. End..amazing. The place upstairs in The Garage in Harvard Sq Crazy Doughs. All good. Not DiFaros but good.

                              1. You might need to give up on the idea that there is NY pizza around here. Hey, there is even a lot less good NY pizza in the NYC metro area than there used to be (just like bagels). What used to be a bell curve has become a barbell curve of artisinal/specialty pizzas on the one end and not-worth-the-calories on the other.

                                1. As earlier posters have suggested, the pizza at Armando's in Cambridge and Stella's in Watertown may hit your husband's spot. Neither is transcendent, but both are very good. Though there are differences between their pizza -- you'll have to try them to decide which you prefer -- both remind me of the pizza I savored at neighborhood joints in Brooklyn in my youth. Armando's also makes Sicilian pizza that some folks love, but it's the regular round pies (and slices) that echo old school NYC pizza style.

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                                    Remember for Stella's, though, you need to order the extra large...that is the thinner-crusted one. They use the medium sized dough ball and roll it out thinner.

                                  2. Sabatino's in Arlington further out Walden Italian Kitchen in West Concord and Sorrento's in Acton (wood fired brick oven) all do very good pizza.

                                    Also I fan of Stella's in Watertown, in fact I'll take credit for first posting it on chowhound back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The original Regina in the North End is certainly solid.

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                                    1. re: StriperGuy

                                      StriperGuy, I see you hang your hat in my neck of the woods quite often. Try the new Maynard House of Pizza. New owners. The place is actually good.

                                      1. re: josephlapusata

                                        Yah moved to Concord a year ago. Will give MHP a whirl.

                                      2. re: StriperGuy

                                        When was the last time you went to Stella's? I was there in July and it was horrendous. I'd only been once about a year before and it was decent but "word on the street" says they've changed.

                                      3. In Waltham, Sabbatino's on Main St. or Franco's on Moody make the closest renditions to pizza I grew up with in NY - and later in life in the NJ area. Franco's is a little bit better, but they don't deliver, so I end up eating Sabbatino's most of the time.

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                                        1. re: LStaff

                                          Franco's is great. I liked it better in the old location (other side of Moody and just down a bit) for some reason.

                                          1. re: Gabatta

                                            Been living in Waltham for 8 years now (originally from NY) I would say Tara on Moody is probably the closest to NY style pizza.

                                        2. Satnarpio's and Regina's are great and all, and are not dissimilar to some of the Brooklyn places, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

                                          If what you're looking for is the greasy NY slice, Pino's in Cleveland Circle is my favorite, hand's down. I make up excuses to be in the area near dinner time. It was a recommendation I picked up in '98 from my server at California Pizza Kitchen (his nametag said he was from NY. I asked him where to get pizza as he was delivering the pies I had ordered from him. he knew what I meant). Conan O'Brien has said that he makes a beeline for Pino's every time he's back in the area.

                                          Other favorite is Bianchi's on Revere Beach though not as consistent (you have to get a fresh pie .. and they will often try to sell you one that is "just out of the oven, no, really"

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                                            I'm a +1 for Pino's. I know other Hounds don't like it, but it's the same category as Stella's and the originial Regina's and Santarpios for me

                                          2. Agreed on T Anthony's and Armando's for this type of pizza. Espresso in Medford used to be really good for this as well. They all have the characteristics of the pies I grew up with from the Westport Pizzeria in CT, which had an archetypal NY style pizza. Nice lake of grease on top, foldability, and a sturdy crust.

                                            1. When I lived in the South End (home of some of Boston's nastiest pizza), I used to bypass all the places near me and go to Little Stevie's, up on Boylston St. near Berklee College. They had pretty close to what I remember growing up with on Long Island. It's good pizza.


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                                              1. re: mwk

                                                I can attest that Little Stevie's good late night when you're bombed. I'm not sure I've ever had it otherwise.

                                                1. re: Gabatta

                                                  I haven't eaten at Little Stevie's in probably 15 years now, but it was always what I thought of when I thought of NY style pizza. Plain only, I remember their toppings being fairly hideous. I had it when not drunk at 1AM and it was good then as well.

                                                2. re: mwk

                                                  I have to try it. I grew up in N. Bellmore on La Splendida and Mike D's in Massapequa. LINY still has great pizza.

                                                  1. re: ipsofatso

                                                    Sadly, there's lots more meh pizza on LI than there used to be.

                                                3. I'd say, in this order (but they're fairly close):

                                                  - Pino's in Cleveland Circle
                                                  - Proper Slice in Brighton
                                                  - Mangia in Brookline near Brookline Center

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                                                  1. re: LilBrownBat

                                                    That Mangia location in Brookline, made a very good pizza but is closed now, is it not?

                                                    1. re: hyde

                                                      It is. It's now a place called Grana. I've tried it twice and both times the pizza has tasted like cardboard. To be fair, I did have it delivered, but it was still hot.