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Oct 6, 2013 05:18 AM

Best NY Style Pizza

My husband is a Jersey boy and is having a hard time without NY Style pizza. Recommendations for places in and around Boston? We will travel for good pizza.

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  1. how about North End Pizza in Framingham.
    they are on rt 30 right off the mass pike east bound.

    You can get great pizza and baked goods there too

    1. You might like Louie's pizza in Woburn
      They make their dough daily, and stop selling when they run out.

      1. Former New Yorker here myself. So you mean thin pies, manhole cover size, gotta fold the slice in half? Hard to find but I will say that Armando's in Cambridge reminds me of the NY pies of my childhood.

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        1. re: newhound

          With the exception of Patsy's in East Harlem, I've never found a pie in NYC that has a crust I'd describe as "thin".

          It hasn't been mentioned on CH much, and it's been years since I ate there (I think at least 10 years now) but back in the day I really enjoyed Sweet Tomatoes in Newton Center. It'a closer to a Wooster Square pie, though.

          I've also enjoyed the pies from Newtowne Grille in Cambridge.

        2. per what newhound said (which i think is an apt description of what i think of as any slice) i think All Star Pizza bar in inman square does a good, if inconsistent (sometimes not enough salt, sometimes *too* floppy), job of that genre. big, foldable, and reminds me of an ny slice. the toppings they have, however, are on the unusual/upscale side, which can be a bit of cognitive dissonance (duck confit on dollar slice crust??) but when they work, i find it quite enjoyable.

          i wouldn't tell you to risk the price of a whole pie (they only do one size, large, and prices reflect this), but for a plain slice, or for trying one of the daily special slices (which they've started posting to their twitter account), i'd say its worth a shot.

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          1. re: valcfield

            Agree with this. All Star has thin crust, heavy mozzarella and lots of oregano on their cheese pizza. I swing by for a slice every now & then because it tastes a lot like the Stomboli's slice that got me through NYU back in the day.

          2. Welcome to Boston, go to Regina's in the North-End and have a good pie.