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Oct 6, 2013 04:15 AM

Sangria 71

The initial posts on Chowhound were a bit discouraging, but on a crowded
Sat night, we managed to secure a 5:00 pm reservation. The large pitcher of white sangria was amply filled with fruit and wine and more than plenty for four.
The bread was Italian served along with a green olive oil dip that included bits of small olives . It was a nice gratis offering.
We had two paellas for two which included seafood cooked just right including scallops, clams, mussels,and shrimp which could have been larger. One friend ordered the roast chicken which he loved .
Service was attentive. One young server got the vinegarette dressing recipe quickly upon request. Water was constantly refilled.
The crowd was casual. Few children were there. Prices were reasonable. Paella for one $18.00, for two $29.00.
Next time I'll try the shrimp in green sauce. A nice addition to East Williston.

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      1. re: budcar

        Sorry I should have been more specific. I've never heard of East Willston. I'll look it up, didn't know if it was in upstate, long island etc.

    1. I might add that I last had paella at Pollo el Paisa, the Columbian restaurant in Westbury where the roast chicken is to die for, but the paella was dry and overcooked . After contemplating whether to order it again in a less well done version, the waiter adamantally pointed out to me the correctness of their preparation, so I ordered the chicken . Sangria 71's version of paella is so much better that a novice diner of this dish can distinguish the difference handily.