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Oct 6, 2013 03:09 AM

Rome Question - Sapore di Mare? Assunta Madre?

These name keep popping up as I ask my local friends where to go this week for seafood. Reading chowhound Italy, I get the impression La Gensola and Tempio d'Iside are more popular. Any thoughts?

Man cannot live by seafood alone so I am also looking forward to Pizzarium, Roscioli. Other carne oriented thoughts?

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  1. NB. We will be in a villa in Tuscany- Chianti, then Naples after Rome, if that influences your suggestions.
    TIA (GIA)

    1. I might be confusing sapore di mare, but if it is the one on via ripetta, it is awful. And assunta madre is see and be seen type of place. Best fish in rome is at il san lorenzo, the crudi at tempio d'iside are good, and la gensola is more at trattoria level, fishy pastas are good.
      Pizzarium is not necessarily carne oriented, roscioli can go any which way you like (but the carbonara and cacio e pepe are the stars).

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      1. re: vinoroma

        The one on via di Ripetta is called simply Mare.

        Sapore di Mare is at the corner of Via del Gesù and Via Pie' di Marmo (near SM sopra Minerva). I believe it has the same ownership as Assunta Madre, which is the same as the defunct Hostaria del Pesce on via Monserrato. The website, which features more starlets than fish, is off-putting. An acquaintance has recently told me that the food is really quite good despite the scene. I'll never know. I have also heard good things about Sapore, but again, it puts me off. Probably both are great fun if you are taken by a beautiful regular, less if you go unrecommended. Just a guess.

        I agree about Il Sanlorenzo. My one experience at Tempio di Iside was awful (hence the absence of subsequent experiences). As you say, La Gensola is a trattoria. They do a good job, but they are increasingly foreigner-oriented as far as I can tell (like insisting on speaking English) and crowded. I have enjoyed it most on weekdays at lunchtime.

        1. re: mbfant

          Assunta Madre is pretty close to my rental flat on the Via Giulia. Maureen's take is the same as mine. Having said that, maybe take one for the team, explore the menu and report back. I think it may be worth the effort. Porthos would approve.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Steve is just trying for ciaobob to pay the €800 bill and then hear all about it.

              2. re: steve h.

                I will - heading there tonight. My Roman friend, who works in the restaurant-wine world, is close with someone there, so I don't dare or care, to make any other suggestions.

                1. re: Ciao Bob

                  looking forward to hearing, then.

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    Excellent. We're all looking forward to the details.

                    1. re: steve h.

                      Assunta Madre was definitely a great, great meal, and it definitely was a see-and-be-seen place.
                      The gorgeous crowd included some some acting types, some business types as well as a Michelin starred chef - Gianfranco Vissani. But the food was the real star.
                      i can understand why the place is somewhat contentious on ch Italy and why many would prefer to go elsewhere, especially if one has to wait or cannot get in at all. But it was fairly priced (for Rome) especially given the amazing quality of the seafood.
                      We had a feast for four, truly an incredible amount of food, for 320 euro (total, not each) with 3 bottles of wine. I suspect that is discounted as my friend is a friend of the house.
                      Crudos (sea bass,Gamberi Rosso, tuna, spigola involtini); a raw shellfish tower of more red shrimp, langoustino, (amazing) oysters; a platter of fried triglia (one of the best dishes of the evening), and trohie with sea bass. Some commented that the trophie were slightly overdone but that was the only misstep commented upon and if they were it was not apparent to me. It was divine. I'll write more about other Roman adventures La Gensola, Roscili, GiNa and whatever else I can do in the next 24.

                      1. re: Ciao Bob

                        Hi Bob,

                        Sounds like a great (and reasonably priced) meal. Thanks for shedding a little light on this controversial restaurant.

            1. I've already given my rant about Assunta Madre, which Jen provides the link to above.

              Yes, Gensola is good, but yes, more trattoria level. Their new place, Il Localino di Claudio is a bit more wide ranging and definitely more comfortable and slightly less touristy. It's located on Via Lazio, off Via Veneto.

              I have consistently (though costly) fish at Pierluigi. Just be wary of their 'antipasto di mare' which, if you're not careful, can be horribly expensive.

              Of course, a the upper end of things, there is La Rosetta. And the other night I ate at Massimo Riccioli's new place located in the Majestic hotel. Outstanding food, not just fish. But the fish I did have was excellent, and much more creative than his more traditional take at La Rosetta.