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Oct 5, 2013 09:58 PM

Monterey for a mixed group

We will be in Monterey (from Newport Beach) for a high school sailing regatta next weekend. We need to find a restaurant for a team dinner Saturday night. Parents. high school sailors and guests (25 to 30). We would like something decent and reasonable, but good food. We realize our limitations. Any suggestions? Also, where can we get a nice picnic-type sandwich lunch? Thank you.

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    1. Decent I get, but "reasonable" is a bit vague. For a group that size, you might want to look at a private room. If so, I would contact hotels in the area to see what they might offer.
      Monterey Plaza
      The Intercontinental
      There is a wonderful deli in Monterey, but the name escapes me now. I know someone will chime in to let you know. It's very famous for great sandwiches.

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        The Plaza and the Intercontinental are two of the more expensive hotels in Monterey, so personally I'd not start there is looking for reasonable prices. That said, the challenge is that with a group that size finding a reservation on a Saturday night on such short notice will be likely VERY difficult. It is still tourist season in Monterey, and friends who were there last weekend commented on the crowds.

        One possibility that would possibly work (but call them yesterday!) would be the London Bridge Pub near but not on the Old Wharf (Wharf Two). The food isn't fantastic, but there are some good options (I like their fish tacos), and it is reasonable with a selection that will appeal to a mixed crowd including teenagers. They have a decent burger too. More to the point, they have a big back room (place is much larger than it appears from the outside). Very casual. However, I've never been at night (my dive buddies and I like to go for a beer and a bite after a dive; they know how to pull a Guinness) and I don't know how crowded it will be or if they have restrictions based on age since it is a pub (they don't during the day). There is live music there later in the evening ,but earlier, it might well work. Having a hard time thinking of other options that aren't likely to be crowded, expensive or both.

        Just had one more though: Rosine's in downtown Monterey. Parking will be tougher there than at London Bridge but they might be able to accommodate a group that size if you call right away. I have never been for dinner, but thought it was decent at breakfast. They are known for their cakes.

        The Deli that Gail is thinking of is undoubtably Compagnos. It is good, but it is primarily takeout and VERY small inside. Don't even think about taking a group that size to eat there, and I wouldn't order from it to go unless you place your order well in advance. If the weather is good, and it might well be, you might be better off going to a grocery and getting picnic fixings for a group that size.

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          Wow, Susan, guess I should have well... passed!

      2. Was just there last weekend for a wedding and had about 50 people for lunch at the Fish Hopper. We never dine on Cannery Row and rarely on the tourist wharf but they did a decent job, offered three mains, filet with gorgonzola, salmon, or pasta. Can't beat the view since you're out over the water and they will put a party that size either at the end of the west wing or the north one.

        Have no idea about the price or if it would be available on a Saturday night.