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Oct 5, 2013 09:26 PM

My first Krembo

Went with the bf to 13th ave in Boro Park tonight just to walk around. Ended up at a kosher grocery where I picked up a package of Krembo vanilla. I'm ambivalent. I think this may be a one time purchase, unless there are other flavors that I discover are better. I was sure that I'd had these before years ago in Israel, but I don't remember them being so 'high'. Am I just recalling wrong? Because the ones I'm thinking of were better, at least in y possibly faulty memory.

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  1. I happen to like the mocha flavored ones better I get them at Shoprite on the blv in Philadelphia) than the vanilla ones and thik the ones I had in Israel were better- but then EVERYTHING is better in Israel IMO:)

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    1. re: ThePrettypoodle

      Heheh, you're right about that - food does taste better in Israel! :) but I'm going to look for the mocha ones. Willing to give it a try!

      1. re: Miri1

        The Mocha ones rock and i am not a huge mocha fan:) ENJOY!

    2. I never liked krembos straight off the shelves. my dad used to bring them home and we'd freeze them, sometimes shmushing two together to make a sort-of krembo ice cream sandwich.

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      1. re: ahuva

        Ooooh, frozen. Hmmm... Gotta try. And NEED to get the mocha ones. If I have a chance tomorrow...

      2. Many years ago I tasted a dessert made in Denmark which was supposedly the inspiration behind Krembo. It was wonderful, and I don't like Krembo. It was parve.