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Oct 5, 2013 06:56 PM


Going for a conference at the end of October and will be there 4 days. I have not been there in years. What are the current recommendations? Than you.

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  1. Kosher Culinary just outside of Universal was very good when I was there last January. The Disney parks still have kosher food in one restaurant in each of the parks. .

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      I heard that they stopped doing that better check with them on their site

      the meals were the trays that they heat in the microwaves and about 30$ a meal - it became too expensive and wasn't so successful.
      chabad near universal had a restaurant don't know if that is still open you can check on his site.

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        I don't know about the $30.00 meals but there were the $10.00 hamburger, hot dog, corned beef, chicken finger meals that are available and quite popular in one restaurant in each of the three parks.

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            I was there last January. Disney worked hard to keep the restaurants well stocked as it was Yeshiva week. They were very accommodating. We enjoyed Kosher Culinary as well. The restaurant looked better, food was improved, they served on China and menu was expanded. They aim to please.

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          We did this in March and had no issues. Places like Disney need to accommodate those who have dietary restrictions.

          Granted, no one knew what to do, and it was almost always a hassle (we did the meal plan + quick service meals), but I can't imagine that they'd shut down the entire operation. It's only available in one or two restaurants in every park (though it should still be available in every Disney hotel), but as of March, it was still available.

      2. We go a couple of times a year to visit family. If you are at the convention center Kosher Culinary is your closest bet. Food is eh and ambience is non-existent, but they are next to the chabad and had a recent change in ownership which may be improving things (our last visit was early July). There is also a foodtruck under the vaad that sells israeli food that is not too bad a drive away. Only a couple of outdoor tables. Lower East Side Restaurant has kosher/deli ambiance and a decent menu. There is also a new place in a hotel near disney which took over from a place that used to be pretty good, though we have yet to try it. The Chabad of South Orlando website has an updated list of what is available.