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Oct 5, 2013 06:37 PM


I live in the neighborhood and want to love this place, but after three tries I'm giving up. There were four of us tonight, two ordered the special vegetable soup and agreed it had no flavor. Two had the burger and said it was just okay; I had the chicken. The bird was nicely cooked, but the gravy had no taste and the brussels sprouts were undercooked. It seems that no one tastes the food before it leaves the kitchen. And please, don't serve wine in warm glasses. Right now, this is only place for a meal in that part of Kensington, so people are willing to overlooked the many flaws. Once new restaurants spring up, Hamilton's will be over.

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  1. I completely agree re: Hamilton's. I was so excited when it opened--finally somewhere to get a glass of wine and a burger in my very own neighborhood! But alas, I wound up being disappointed right off the bat. We tried it more than once to give it a chance and everything seemed both overpriced and mediocre. The only time I will go there at this point is for the happy hour--to grab a glass of wine at the bar and maybe risk an appetizer or two. But for what they are charging, I know I can go elsewhere and have a better meal. I think you are correct in that they have a "captive audience" within the immediate neighborhood, but with the new pizzeria opening nearby on Fort Hamilton that is bound to change.

    I am not sure how I feel about other area restaurants either... I ate at Le Paddock recently and had pizza--and sliders. The beef slider was quite good and the fries were awesome if you're into the thin and crispy kind... but the rest was eh. The pizza did reheat really well and perhaps it was just underdone when it arrived at our table. All of this being said, I would choose this place over Hamilton's food wise. Not sure what is up with Brooklyn Commune's new fancier dinner service... I found it a little too formal-seeming for my taste but did not try the food. Dogwood on Church Ave. seems way too pricey for the area. But I do want to try the nearby pizzeria, Wheated...

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      Hi brooklynsabra. I find La Paddock mediocre too. I had mussels there recently and I swear they weren't seasoned at all. The pizza can be pretty good. I haven't been to Brooklyn Commune's new dinner service. I've enjoyed their sandwiches and soups, and the coffee. I want to give Wheated a shot, too, and I'm ready for the brick oven pizza place to open.

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        Love Wheated. A distinctive sourdough crust and some unique topping combos. The pies are named for Brooklyn neighborhoods and have ethnic ingredient connections.

        GO EASY with the red-hot pepper shaker!

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          I said La Paddock was mediocre, but I had lunch there today and it was delicious. They have a $10.95 two-course special. I had a hot beet soup and a braised chicken with mashed potatoes and spinach. It was all well seasoned and the chicken was really tender and full of flavor. Maybe the place is on the upswing.

      2. I'll agree that the other menu items haven't been fantastic, but the burgers I've had there (I live nearby too) have been truly delicious; flavorful and moist. Maybe I had them on a good night or your dining companions had them on a bad night, or maybe it's just a matter of taste. Also, their beer selection is quite good. Anyway, I wouldn't give up on them unless you try the burger, at least.

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          I am not a fan of their burger and at least the last time I was there, they served oven fries rather than typical fries. The oven fries were good for what they were, but I can make those at home. When I go out and have a burger I want the real deal when it comes to fries. When I tried the burger, I remember thinking it tasted like it had filler in it or something...but maybe it was an off night? Like the original poster, I too want to love this place!