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Oct 5, 2013 05:35 PM

Marrakech, Morocco

Looking for dining suggestions in Marrakech. Our first time in Morocco coming from the West Coast of the US. We love lamb, cous cous, tangine and dates and are somewhat adventurous eaters. I think we are trying to stay near the Medina. Thanks.

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  1. I was only in Marrakech a few days, and all my meals were excellent. Two places really stood out, though. For a nice dinner in beautiful surroundings, Al Baraka at the front of Jamaa El Fna square is excellent.
    We went there based on the advice of our hotel concierge. Our lamb cous cous was heavenly.
    For a quick snack or lunch in the medina, Café Le Epices is quite good and you can sit on the roof and watch the action below. It's in Rahba Kedima square, an excellent place to buy spices.
    There is a ton of street food stalls at night, and we just used the rules of common sense. Busiest places are best, etc... and never became ill.
    Enjoy your trip!

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      I loved traveling to Morocco but went in 2000 (before Sept. 11th). I was concerned that it was not as safe for Americans to travel there now. Do you have any thoughts on that, alliegator, since you have been recently?

      Still love my many keepsakes from there...and love dabbling in cooking the food too of course.

      1. re: foodcompletesme

        Although I'm male, I'm also from the US. I visited Marrakech in 2011 and didn't feel threatened one bit. It's Morocco's biggest tourist draw that isn't a beach, and there are plenty of foreigners around the tourist attractions. Which might ironically make you worry more (because there are many tourists), but no one proved to be a nuisance.

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          Europeans flock to Marrakesh. There's a Club Med in the middle of the Medina just steps from the square. Your biggest concern should be getting ripped off by rug vendors and monkey handlers.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            It's good to know that Europeans are still vacationing there. That was our experience when we went 13 years ago. I equated it to how Americans go to Cancun Mexico for a cheap vacation; Morocco is the same for Europeans.

            And yes, we faced the snake handlers (not monkeys) in Marrakesh and bought a hand knotted rug. They wrap it up into the size of a suitcase and cover it with canvas but everyone knows what it is. I was pretty sure we were not going to get our rug when we landed in London....with all the shady characters hanging around the airport in was pleasantly surprised when we were reunited with our "tree of life" rug : )

            1. re: foodcompletesme

              Some people don't want to handle snakes but who doesn't want to play with monkeys, at least before its handler start demanding ridiculous sums, like $20 u.s.

          2. re: foodcompletesme

            I went just last year with 2 other female friends. We never felt we were in danger for even one moment. Lovely place, friendly people and outstanding goodies to eat!

        2. You might consider taking a cooking class. The techniques are not difficult, but it was fun. Ours included a visit to a communal bread oven and a spice shop. We made chicken tangine, a eggplant appetizer, and salads. We took the class at La Maison Aribe. The one at Faim d’Epices is also highly recommended by Trip Advisor but they were closed when we were there a week ago.

            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              We went on our honeymoon there last summer and had an extraordinary trip. Please don't worry about safety at all. (Except maybe being pick pocketed) Some of the best food I have eaten in my life. I will try and make a list for you when I have time. But I do highly recommend you stay in a small riad versus a Western hotel. Any riad will have a cook who will make you a home cooked dinner that is out of this world. I took 4 guidebooks for the two weeks we were there, and the ones with the best food/drink reccs were the Time out -Marrakech, and the cadogan Morocco.