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Oct 5, 2013 05:26 PM

Border Biscuits cookies -Oat Crumbles

Hi, Im looking to find "Border" brand biscuits in Surrey or Vancouver (At Crumbles is my fav its a buttery oatmeal cookie). I tried to contact the manuafacturer directly twice with no reply. Has anyone seen these cookies ? They are from Scotland and melt in your mouth. The name might be "Border Crumbles".

Thank you so much :)

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  1. have you tried this place?
    i have been to the one on Dunbar St

    1. I've bought Border cookies at Stong's on occasion (don't know about the crumbles - I go for the chocolate covered ginger ones). Don't know if they carry them all the time or just around Christmas time. Have also recently bought (gingers again) at London Drugs on Broadway at Cambie.

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        Thanks i will look out for Strongs, ive never heard of that shop. will try to get to celtictreasurechest too.