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Oct 5, 2013 05:09 PM

Mushroom barely soup recipe needed please- please read details

I would like to have company one winter Shabbas afternon and would like to serve mushroom/barley soup. I need a recipe snd some help please. I need the recipe to be parve or (if even possible) dairy as I plasn on serving sairy food too. I know I'd have to keep it warm in a crockpot and I need tips on how to do that too. I know to put the soup (precooked) in the pot Friday afternoon, but any other tips?
If snyone know saof a really yummy, kosher, parve mushroom barley soup available to buy in Philsadelphia area, please share with me along with tips how to keep it warm in the crock pot.

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  1. I've never made barley mushroom soup, so no recipe. However, I just wanted to say that you don't have to keep it warm in a crockpot. If you will have a blech up, you can just as easily leave it in a pot on the blech. I do this every week for shabbos; we have soup for both meals, so even if you plan to have it for lunch, it should be fine. I Can't advise on how high to leave the flame, though, as we use a k'deira blech (with water in it), which does work a bit differently than a standard blech.

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      I saw part of your reply and got all excited. I have never used a blech. any suggestions o which one is best and tips on using one with a gas range?


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        Unless you can find a k'deira blech (I'm not sure they are still being sold), it's not an issue of "which one is best" . . . all a blech is is a sheet of metal that covers the flames on the stovetop, and possibly the knobs on the stove, so you can't turn them up or down. Most shomer shabbat Jews that serve hot food on shabbat use them, and they often buy them at a local Jewish bookstore or hardware-type store.

        As far as how to use it, you put it over the stovetop, leave one burner on, and it heats the whole blech enough to keep multiple things on it hot. There are very specific rules about what and how you are allowed to move around, take off, return, and serve from the pots, but those halachot are something you need to learn from a Jewish practices class or directly from a rabbi or similar knowledgable figure.

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          I used to have a metal sheet blech, but the landlord of my apt didn't want the flame on over Shabbat if I wasn't home. (Had a bad experience with previous renters)

          I bought an electric plug in blech. It's basically a large hot plate that goes over the stove or on the counter. The edges are cooler than the center. It's great b/c I can use it when I have (weekday/night) company and not enough oven space.

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            google : water blech

            some online sources have kedera blechs

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              I don't think what I have has water in it

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          Queenscook, What soups do you make?

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            I've made French onion soup in the crockpot-- it's delicious!

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              Pretty much any soup recipe I find that looks interesting; I've never had any trouble with them staying soup-like and tasty 'til Shabbat lunch. A few of our favorites: butternut squash-potato, carrot, cabbage, curried pear, lentil-curry, lentil, rice and black bean, minestrone, nutty sweet potato soup with harissa and spinach, rosemary white bean, split pea, sweet & spicy carrot bisque.

              The alphabetical order here should give you a clue that I am just copying my whole recipe book/list of hot soups I make (now on the computer). Some we like more than others, so I won't claim these are all 5-star recipes, but we like them enough that I will make them over. I also do a couple of cold soups all summer (a fruit soup and a super-easy gazpacho, which I don't think is totally authentic, but we love it). We also always order soup when we're in restaurants, and a couple of these have been attempts to duplicate what we had . . . some attempts more successful than others.

              All of the above soups are parve, by the way. I do chicken soup only for yomtov. No idealogical principle or anything; it just sort of happened that way.

          2. I've made crockpot mushroom barley soup before, and while its delicious, I don't think it would do well in the crockpot for so long. It would get too thick and mushy.

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              Agreed, you'd end up with mushroom chulent. You want a more liquid soup if you're keeping in on heat for ~20 hours.