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Oct 5, 2013 04:23 PM

Recommendations for a romantic mid-range dinner?

New to the area, looking for a place to celebrate an impending anniversary. We like interesting but not super-weird food, especially New American and small plates. Somewhere relatively quiet with a nice view would be ideal.

Ideal price range would be around $50/person including one drink each, but we'd be willing to pay more for something perfect. We're in La Jolla but can drive wherever.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. We just enjoyed a great dinner at The Mediterranean Room at La Valencia Hotel. New and very ambitious chef and they are hitting it out of the park. Make friends with Executive Chef Daniel Barron and he will hook you up. He came to our table to say hello and offered us all kinds of special goodies he had in his kitchen to play with that the servers were totally unaware of. Let him riff, it's a good thing. I would call ahead for a reservation and tell them about your celebration.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Great views but, that's about it. Not really mid range unless you want to skip sides and dessert.

      2. Morada at RSF Inn
        Med Room at La V
        George's..ocean terrace

          1. While they have some weird food, most of it isnt- I'd think of Whisknladle as being a great place right in that price range. Also, something I consider pretty romantic, but others might not- the grill at Torrey Pines. I love those booths for intimate conversations.

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              While it's around the right price range, I wouldn't consider Whisknladle romantic or quiet. Same with George's Ocean Terrace.

              It's higher than your price range, but if you're willing to up your budget George's California Modern may fit the bill for atmosphere.

              1. re: Ponder99

                Whisknladle is pretty quiet on the patio and in one of the corner banquettes I find it pretty romantic.