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Oct 5, 2013 03:39 PM

Nov 10 11. Sunday Monday challenges

So we know the city very very well. From EMP to Kin Shop and most everything in between. We have an odd ball trip coming up and I need help. We are coming down from Boston early morning Sunday the 10th. Matinee tickets for Snow Geese. Thinking of dinner at Uncle Boon vis a vis recent NYT review but open for other casual ( tho price not a consideration ) options. Love Locando , love Modern, like Ciano , like Dutch , didn't like Blanc et Rouge or really Babbo. Sunday dinner a challenge I know. Thoughts? More importantly have tickets for Eagles at MSG Monday evening at 7ish so dinner is out and I need to be on conference calls from 11 to 1pm that day and would really like to take Husband to exquisite lunch. Been there done that at NoMad, Modern , Bouley and JG ....any novel ideas? Is La Grenouille too old fart? ( we may look like old Farts but we aren't) Price and cuisine no object. Just want to do something nice to make up for my half working Monday and fact he has to go home and I have to leave NY for biz in nice venues rest of week. Appreciate your counsel.

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  1. FYI you can make a reservation at Uncle Boons one week in advance on their web site:

    For an upscale Monday lunch, since you've already done the Modern, Bouley, and JG, and did not like Babbo (so no Del Posto for you I assume) you could do Le Bernardin?

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      Thanks Kathryn . He would love that. We did like Del Posto and is it correct to assume that by omission you do think La Grenouille is past prime time?

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        They are actually closed on Mondays.