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Oct 5, 2013 03:15 PM

Cookware for ceramic stove

Can anyone suggest some good basic pots for a ceramic stove? Its a vacation condo so I don't want anything too expensive but I don't want to ruin the stove top either. Many thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. i use paderno (is it still made in Canada?) - on my glass cooktop and it has not scratched the surface
    home hardware chain usually has good sales on the line - don't buy all the lids - they mix and match among the various sizes of pots

    i also put this line in the dishwasher - so it should be guest proof ; )

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      "home hardware chain usually has good sales on the line ....."

      The store on Fraser & 45th has tons of stuff.

      But for the best quality & value combination, IMHO I'd go to Winners. Selection varies between stores, I find the ones at Metrotown mall and W. 8th/Cambie to be quite serviceable. I've not been to the one on Granville in downtown. 'tho.

      I was at Dunlevy Food Equipment (E.7th/Manitoba) on Friday getting some small items, not having been there for 2-3 years. It reminded me how much excess we pay for kitchenware in retail stores. Similar stores include Russell, Paragon, Gourmet Warehouse, Budget, Genesis, etc. Call around for their hours of operation. Some aren't not open to the public, mind you, but the ones I listed above are.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        (and for anyone Whistler-bound to vacation condo - there's a winners in south park royal, west van, correct? There is also a HomeSense above the Michael's craft store - over in the "main st village" area - near Whole Foods)

        i also swear by having one mid-range (as in price) non-stick pan - so handy for a cottage where sometimes you just want some quick eggs or grilled cheese etc w/o having to dress up and organize the whole family - just remember to ask your guests NOT to heat it more than medium temp - ie it is non-stick. and no metal utensils (ie use silicone tongs etc)

        the one fav non-stick i have for my glass cooktop cottage is 10 inch diam - and actually, my friend got it via the coupon bonus point program that IGA Marketplace sometimes offers - I think it is the Thomas brand ... so must be avail at places like Home Hardware etc. I am guessing.

        i really do like my small size Paderno collection - they are the ones (doorcrasher special) that are always on deep discount sale - we use them as pet bowls! (they are heavy enuf not to slide around - no-breakage, and safer than plastic (pets licking bpa) and fit well in dishwasher after scrubbing out w/ hot soapy water - don't worry ; )

    2. I ended up buying a Cuisinart stainless steel 5 qt pot with flat bottom. It was a bit pricey for $60 at Winners but it has a nice weight to it. I'll see how it works out on the stove and then maybe purchase a couple more.