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Oct 5, 2013 02:39 PM

Pepe's Pizza West Hartford

was wayyyyyyyyy to thick compared to genuine article

literally, 150% thicker than New Haven

also, very poorly cut...had to recut to pull apart pieces

otherwise, flavor was excellent

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  1. The place is new so there are bound to be some issues. Give them a little time to train everyone and it should become as good as the others. Jay

    1. The last 2 times I had the clam pie at Pepe's in New Haven it was awful.This is in the last 2 months. Apparently they are training new people there as well. The crust was way too thick, not many clams at all. Large areas of plain, dry, thick crust. I can't believe this is happening now. I don't know if I will ever go back. The family seems to be more concerned with expanding the business than keeping up quality.

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      1. re: chervil9

        Agree, although I haven't tasted the clam pie lately. The crust doesn't have the same "chew" or taste as it used to. They give you a small plastic plates on which to put a slice. And they give you small cocktail napkin on which to wipe your fingers. Yuk. So chintzy.

        1. re: chervil9

          My last clam pie at Pepe's in New Haven was so good I thought any woman within listening distance would tell her server "I'll have whatever he's having".

          1. re: Veggo

            When Sally met Veggo? Can't be, Sally's isn't open for lunch and I was with you at Pepe's. But I had an original New Haven Pie, sauce and grated Romano.
            I will admit you were really into it................................

            and I'll also agree the other Pepe's locations are not that good.

            1. re: bagelman01

              Very clever, bagel! I know Sally's is your favorite in the 'hood. I hope we get to do pizza again, my friend.

            2. re: Veggo

              We had the freshly shucked clam pie at Zuppardi's last night. We all enjoy Pepe's white clam pie, but this surpassed it by a wide margin. It's an expensive pie ($30 for a medium vs. $18 for their "normal" clam pie), but it is a must-have when the clams are available. Their crust somehow manages to be a little thicker, yet still crispy, and it perfectly supported the still-briny clams.

              Oh, and we were seated immediately and received friendly service. Zuppardi's still has a neighborhood vibe, especially during off-peak hours. (We had forgotten that Sally's was closed on Mondays, so we got back in the car and drove to West Haven rather than wait for Pepe's)