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Oct 5, 2013 01:07 PM

Best tamales in/near Albany?

Craving tamales. Recommendations please?

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  1. Looks like Roger K had an upscale tamale at Javier's in Toga . . .maybe he knows where you can find one in Albany:

    1. The two places I would suggest you try are, The Mexican Market, 654 Central Av, Albany and La Mexicana Grocery, 1759 State St, Schenectady. They are about 20 minutes drive from each other.

      Both are VERY small grocery stores, but both are family operations that also serve a number of traditional Mexican dishes in addition to tamales.

      Check out their reviews on Yelp:

      1. Thanks- I had no idea there was a Mexican market on Central Ave. Will definitely be trying the tamales there. And the lengua.
        It's good to know there's a source nearby for fresh tortillas and a large assortment of dried chiles.

        Javier's sounds like it'd be worth a visit someday too. An $18 tamale? Must be something really special!

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          I can't guarantee how "fresh" the tortillas are. I'll be interested in hearing what brand of tortillas you might decide to purchase to take home. I've always enjoyed La Escondida. They are made in Newburgh, NY. I use to have to drive there to buy them. Now they are available in the Schenectady location.

          1. re: eclecticsynergy

            It's near the corner of North Allen, behind the bus shelter. They have a few tables to eat at. In addition to the tamales, tacos, and burritos, the Mexican sandwiches are also quite good.

          2. Thanks very much for pointing out the Mexican market on Central Ave. I must've driven past that place a hundred times, but never noticed it hidden there behind the bus shelter.