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Oct 5, 2013 12:12 PM

Turkey prices in grocery stores

Anyone have a chance to look at the prices/lb on turkeys at the grocery stores? How do they match up with cosco? Looking to have thanksgiving dinner on Friday with several friends. So looking for inexpensive turkey. Maybe 10-15 in size turkey.


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  1. you can look at the safeway flyer online

    thrifty's too -
    seems like 99 cents / lb is the flyer special - limit one, min total purchase etc - they are shown on the front of all flyers linked above

    i don't know the costco price - nor the usa price

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      1. re: Averin

        i meant to add above that usually one has to order in advance if you want a specialty turkey (ie organic or free range or saw sunlight & mountain views - you know what i mean) - yes, it certainly costs more in terms of money - however, there are other important factors that one often balances out)

        remember - if you are going to brine - you need to get the turkey asap to allow for defrost etc - and make sure you have a big fridge space and a big non-reactive pot for the brine process

        if you need more gravy - we often enhance some of the cooking juices with "better than bouillion" brand - or - Simply Organic turkey gravy mix (cringe - mix, I know) - however, it's quick and simple and adds extra that you can use for the soup cookdown the next day. Both of these products are avail in most major supermarkets here in BC.

        happy Cdn Thanksgiving!

    1. I have bought mine previously at Big Lou's, nice bird from Rossdown Farms. They aren't the cheapest on the market as most grocery stores do "lost leaders" and make I up on everything else you buy. I was in West Broadway Meat Co. last week and saw they are selling the same ones depending on your location. I believe you get what you pay for.

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      1. re: FAM04

        I get my birds at Windsor Meats on Main.

        Or from other idiot drivers ....... usually during the morning rush.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          We've been using Tenderland on GIsle forever. Birds come in fresh, not frozen, so no need to thaw. Not watery like some supermarket turks can be, but obvi not budget priced either. We always order in advance so no idea what they would have on hand.

      2. back to supermarket turkeys - the OP's question has made me pay attn this year ----

        and yesterday - i had to laugh or - feel sad - that the IGA Marketplace bonus price on turkey was based on - not only the min dollar $ purchase (NOT INCLUDING TURKEY or TOBACCO - says the fine print - yes, i suppose they need to spec that! Altho - i suppose those two products were some of the first Thxgivings over the border in Colonial Virginia ; )

        anyway - the customer had to find a turkey that was in a certain WEIGHT range (don't quote me but it was something like under 7KG (of which there were NONE) - and OVER 9KG (of which there were plenty and basically unliftable) ... in order to get the 99 Cent / pound price - it was so complicated trying to figure out which bird was the best price - as we were all standing there wishing we had listened to our junior school teachers about math and metric etc (and that we had brought our garden gloves for the frozen turkey-sort) -

        i kid you not, amidst all this, there really was an irate customer going up one side of the floor manager - and down the other! I could truly sympathize with both parties in that conflab.

        this must be some sort of discrimination against small number household / dinner party hosts - you know i am joking i hope - but seriously - how many people in this day want a massive turkey? (and what about the massive turkey - was he / she able to walk?!) - anyway - the enticing 99 cent sale price was on the big birds at IGA.

        .... made me realize that the 99 cent / lb price is possibly misleading unless you're keen on huge amounts of roasted, dry, leftover poultry meat -

        also made me realize that next time, reminder to self, just ph your fav butcher and get one that ran around in the sunlight - in the size that you want (and not picked over! ; )

        and then that's a real Thxgiving. Wishing you all a peaceful and happy time this coming Cdn wkd.