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Oct 5, 2013 10:50 AM

please help with dinning itinerary for halloween weekend

i go with my wife every year to vegas for halloween and we love to eat, we usually got ot the same places but i always try to change it a little i would really thank for your feed back,
money is not an option we are just looking to have the best time/food possible

1 i dont know if we should go to raku or kabuto? havent been to either
2 sage? any thoughts? (we have been many times to e, and they havent change the menu so we dont want to go back)
3 laterlier de joel rouchon (clasic and our favorite)
4 sw stakehouse, went there many times many years ago, but not recently but heard that they go it back
5 twist or guy savoy, have been to both in paris, but never been in vagas, because of fear that the will not meet expectations, are they good and wich woudl you recommend?
6 bouchon for sunday brunch, any better options?

i know its a little long but i would appreciate all the feedback and recommendations i can get
Thanks to all :)

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  1. Sage is terrific. Excellent seasonal food and interesting cocktails. Both twist and guy savoy are terrific but if you've been in Paris I might look for somewhere else. Between them I prefer twist. I also really like mozen in the mandarin
    Raku and Kabuto also both great.