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Oct 5, 2013 10:32 AM

Asian/latin/Speciality Markets near Lakewood

I am looking for markets sell specialty ethnic ingredients like epazote, culantro, avocado leaves, curry leaves, dried chiles, etc. Basically I need a good local connection for mole and curry ingredients. Any suggestions other than shop-rite, wegmans, and whole foods?

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  1. The closest ones I am aware of are in Middletown and Marlboro. Both are Asian Food Markets. The Middletown store is located on rte 35, the Marlboro store is on South Main. The Marlboro store is larger and newer. I have not shopped in either, just passed by them while in town. I have shopped at other locations and found the chain to be pretty good, though some of their older stores are cramped and a bit run down.

    1. I agree with PuniceaRana. The closest Asian Market is the one in Marlboro, 79 South Main Street. Its a pretty direct trip from Lakewood. Mostly north on Route 9, probably about a half hour.

      It's pretty comprehensive though I've never seen curry leaves there. They are hard to find around here. I usually make a trip to Edison, buy way more than I need at one time and freeze the rest.

      Mole ingredients should be easy to find in Lakewood, at least downtown. There are several bodegas/groceries on Clifton Ave. I used to shop in one often that as Caribbean /Latin. Sorry but I don't remember the name. It was somewhere between Main street and East County Line Road.


      1. Unless things have changed since I left the Toms River area about a year ago, there's a small Asian (Filipino) market called "Little Divisoria" in the Pleasant Plains section right on Rt 9 / Lakewood Ave on the stretch south of Rt 70 and north of the GSP. It's in the strip mall behind Aamantran, an Indian restaurant.

        If you expand the scope of Asia a little... there's also a great little Turkish market called "Yener" (actually the sign says "European Food Market") another couple of miles south on the other side of the GSP overpass (in the same strip mall as El Familiar & Il Giardinello restaurants). Best pita around - brought in fresh once a week.

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          Thanks for the reminder. I've been to Little Divisoria once a while back, probably more that a year ago. Had some interesting stuff but I don't recall them having a large produce selection.

          Thanks also about the heads up about Yener. I'll have to take a ride down there as it is much closer than trekking to Paterson when in need of Turkish stuff. Do they have prepared foods?