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Oct 5, 2013 10:27 AM

Breakfast between Manchester NH and Warner NH

Heading to the Warner Fall Festival after an early football game in Manchester. Need a breakfast spot. Thought about Robie's but wanted to know if there is anything else interesting along the way.

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  1. I think Robie's closed down last week. Try the Schoolhouse Cafe in Davisville just off exit 7. It's run by old Foothill's alums. Good stuff.

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      Re: Robie's, you are correct. In fact, I drove by it today, it was definitely closed.

    2. A couple of ideas:

      Intervale Pancake House, Henniker. Haven't been in a while, but very much enjoyed breakfast there in the past.

      Also, the Bradford Junction Restaurant in Bradford.

      IMO you can't go wrong with either place, and both are near Warner.

      1. Schoolhouse Café would be a good choice.

        Despite living close to Warner, I have to be elsewhere every year so haven't been to the Foliage Festival in a long time. The kids activities sounds like a lot of fun. Last year all the food in the Warner tent was local. I assume it will be the same this year. The organizer did an amazing job last year.

        1. Thanks everyone. I think we'll do the Schoolhouse Cafe since it's on our route. Hoping the wait won't be too long at 10am on a Sunday. If it's crazy, how is Foot Hills as a back up?

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            I think you're gonna' be looking at a crazy wait for 10am Sunday breakfast anywhere you go during leaf peeper season.

          2. Most of the kids' events are on Saturday but there is one on Sunday at 10am. There should be something to eat and drink from the farmers' market (if Emma Bates is selling granola, it would be terrific to put on yogurt (bring your own) and skip a restaurant breakfast. Get something to drink and just 'graze'. I agree 10am could be a long wait for breakfast. The School House is small.
            We love Beefside in Concord but have never been for breakfast. It's a local place that's been around a long time. It might be busy too on Sundays but you could give it a try.
            Get off I93 at exit 13, turn right to go up Manchester St. It will be on your right. If you don't want to get back on I93, you can backtrack to I93 but go under the bridge and take the left at the lights onto Hall Street (Burger King on your left/common Man is across the street). Hall Street brings you to the end of I89 where you can get on heading west by just going across the intersection.

            If you aren't already stuff and exhausted after the Foliage Festival, Beech Hill Farm is a great ice cream place with a big sand pile for kids to play in. Sunday afternoon, I would not get on I89 or I93 S until south of the toll booth because of foliage traffic going home.

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              We are going for the parade, food, and woodsman competition. I think my boys will love watching that! My thought was a late breakfast somewhere after the football game and then a late lunch at the fair. But I think the church might be hosting a breakfast too??? I'll need to check times to see if we can make it.

              1. re: rizzo0904

                The church breakfast ends at 9:30. We've been going to their church suppers and they have been very good and very popular. I expect there will be several teams of 4-H oxen in the parade. One team recently won a big prize at Eastern States. Have fun!

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                And thanks for the driving advice. Living here, I always forget about tourists. And I have Tues/Wed off so I don't normally have to deal with crowds!