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Oct 5, 2013 09:11 AM

Fresh Green/Sweet Peas

I LOVE green peas and lately, Trader Joe's has been selling bags of them. They are wonderful. I have a few ways I prepare them, which I also love. But I make them so often, I need some new ideas! Anyone??

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  1. Pea and lettuce soup: chicken or vegetable broth, a soft lettuce such as butter, peas. Immersion blender, dollop of creme fraiche.

    1. i make a savory pea flan, based on ruhlman's quiche ratio, that is a always a huge hit. even better the next day.

      1. I've been making Ellie Krieger's Green Pea Soup since the episode first aired in 2005. (search Food Network). The recipe calls for frozen peas and dried tarragon, but it's even better of you make it with fresh. Of course, using sour cream is even better than the yogurt she calls for.

        1. I love a mix of mashed potatoes and parsnips, with peas and a mild cheese mixed in.
          Blanched quickly and served with gnocchi and brown butter with chives

          1. They make a great spicy Samosa filling, or Paratha(Mutter Paratha), with Ham, Cream and Pasta, As a stuffing for Ravioli or other stuffed Pasta, Tons of Indian recipes using Peas search for "mutter".