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Oct 5, 2013 08:10 AM

Last Night Barcelona..where to go??

We have three nights this trip: Going Pakta and Tickets the first two nights. We've booked Hisop or Llamber for our last night. Which one should we choose? Or, is there some new place that we HAVE to go to? We're really thinking of doing Hisop for dinner and Llamber on one of our days in Barcelona. What do you think??

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  1. Hi went to tickets last trip going to pakta this trip I know your doing 2 in the group all ready but did you think of 41 degrees ? I love dos pallios also I loved Koy Shunka , both have one star. Enjoy .

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      I've actually been to 41 degrees and frankly, really didn't love it. It was too gimmicky for me, and a lot of the dishes and drinks didn't work. Albert was actually cooking the night we were there, and agreed that two of the dishes we sent back were poorly made.

    2. We liked Llamber much more than Hisop, despite Hisop's Michelin star. Much more fun atmosphere, way less expensive too. Just found the service and atmosphere very sterile at Hisop.

      1. Hi Sockster, i havent been to Llamber but had dinner at Hisop Sep-2012 and the food was very good and for me a distinctive take on modern catalan. I can still recall clearly; interesting almond soup with anchovies, delightfully balanced mackerel w chanterelles, bacon and shaved frozen green apple and my fav of the night, squid noodles with burrata, truffle and pistachio crumbs.
        one complaint perhaps, service not particularly warm .. but food was worth the trip.