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Oct 5, 2013 07:22 AM

Recommendations for dinner before a show at Queens College?

Any thoughts about Korean, Japanese, Thai spots of interest within a ten minute drive?

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  1. If you could include Chinese as a possible cuisine then Main Street Imperial Gourmet (just off the LIE) would be great.

      1. re: kersten

        Which one that you like is 10 minutes from the Queens College?

        1. re: wewwew

          Theoretically, Pio Pio on Woodhaven Blvd is 10 minutes from Queens College.

          The OP did not mention Chinese. If he did, I would recommend Mian (184-02 Horace Harding Expy) just a few minutes away. Great appetizers here (duck tacos and spicy chicken sliders). Inexpensive, too.

          I don't have any specific recommendations for Korean, but a short drive up north to Northern Blvd will yield tons of Korean places. Many of them have been mentioned on this board.

          1. re: Robotron

            Pio Pio is a nice recommendation, but I see the theory/pratice shaky as my uncles' GTO is on jacks in the garage.

      2. I know Chinese is not what you mention but there really aren't good Korean, Japanese, or Thai place close by.

        Pado sushi is within a 10 minute drive from QC. It is great for lunch--they literally overload you with excellent panchan. At dinner, they are much less generous with the panchan but the a la carte dishes are decent but not amazing.

        But the best places that are close to campus are the new crop of Chinese places on Main Street. My favorite is Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao. There was a recent thread on this. They make great soup dumplings and Shanghai style cold appetizers. Next door is Taiwain Imperial Gourmet. If you go, follow Lau's recommendation for dishes. Verging off may lead to lackluster experience.

        Also the NY time recently reviewed Imperial Palace which is a Cantonese banquet style restaurant.

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        1. re: mielimato

          The two star review was of Lake Pavillion not IP

          1. re: budcar

            Yes you are right. I confused the names. The place is a 7 minute walk from QC.

        2. For Thai you can make it to BKNY on Francis Lewis in 10 minutes without traffic easily.

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