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Oct 5, 2013 06:56 AM

Thai Orchid Blue Bell

I know this is not a new place, but new to me. A friend suggested this byob last night and I'm glad she did. Pretty restaurant with friendly service. We share the Buddha dumplings, which were very tasty. I enjoyed my pineapple fried rice and she said her pad Thai was great. Portions were very big so we both brought home leftovers. I will return and try the other tempting dishes on their menu.

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  1. I really like it there. They also have juices - mango and one other flavor, which they infuse with hot pepper to give it a kick. Great when mixed with flavored vodka or rum. I brought along a bottle of X-Rated Vodka (Mango and Blood Orange) and it made a wonderful martini/cocktail to go with dinner.

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      Wow that is awesome curly girl. I think thai orchid is the best thai place around and I've been to thai nadia in lansdale, thai spice in doylestown, etc.
      JanR that is exactly what my friend and I ordered last time. We went on a weekday and I got the special dinner which included dumplings and soup, but I could have got salad or several other choices. I always get a thai iced tea and I agree about the large portions. Having a nice nosh later at home gives even more value to an excellent dining choice.
      Spice Kitchen opens today in towamencin and I have already secured a take out menu. It is Indian and if it is as good as the one in trooper though I might not be driving to bluebell for thai food for a bit. But I know I'll be back.

    2. Thai Orchid has been the place we go for Thai for years. We also discovered Thai Aroma in Broad Axe recently. Pretty darn good!