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Oct 5, 2013 04:41 AM

Decent experience at Sakae in Burlingame

Went there late last night to get a drink. Had a $16 glass of pretty good sake. Tea was an extra $2.50, though it came in a pot which I didn't care about (too much caffeine). I asked Jun-san for a very small sashimi plate, since i already had a tuna sandwich at home (didn't want to blow $$$). He gave me a nice $28 one, with no exotic fish, just maguro, hirame, salmon, hamachi, etc. At the end he added a couple excellent pieces of fatty fresh (i.e., not frozen) albacore which was certainly the highlight for me. The other fish was fine except for the aji which was a bit fishy implying it wasn't the freshest. I looked up at the board, and noticed prices (in pairs) of $25 for fresh seki aji, $22up for copper river salmon, $24/26/34up for blue fin akami/chu toro/otoro respectively. Ouch $34 a pair! I left $58 poorer. Not complaining, but I think I will just go to Suruki in San Mateo and get my own sashimi to eat at home next time. ;-)

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