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Oct 5, 2013 03:55 AM

Boulder, CO suggestions


I'll be in Boulder Monday and Tuesday night for business.

Looking for 2 good dinner suggestions that will show me some of the local flavor and local beers. Rocky Mountain oysters - have to put them on the list I think.

The Kitchen for community night on Monday looks cool.

I'm staying here and will have a car:

Best Western Plus Boulder Inn
770 28th St
Boulder, CO 80303-2343

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

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  1. Oak at Fourteenth has great food and lots of CO craft beers like Avery, Oskar Blues, Left Hand, Great Divide, etc.

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    1. re: rlm

      Thanks to all. I enjoyed the banter. Just arrived and heading to The Kitchen tonight for dinner!

      Mark Adanowicz

      1. re: markadamowicz

        Have fun! The Kitchen is wonderful, I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.

        As for your other dinner, I think The Kitchen showcases Boulder's farm-to-table side very well, so I'd probably try something different. (OAK, as mentioned, is great, as are SALT and Black Cat, but in my book they are similar enough in concept to The Kitchen that I probably wouldn't do them on back-to-back nights.) Frasca is Boulder's most well-reviewed restaurant - they do northern Italian food extraordinarily well and have a wine list that's second to none - and they can usually accommodate a single diner on a walk-in basis. Frasca's owners also run an amazing neopolitan pizzeria right next door, Pizzeria Locale, that's one of my favorite dinner spots (it's not a checkered tablecloth pizza place, it's pretty upscale although still relaxed and affordable). Or you might try Jax on Pearl (New Orleans-influenced seafood) for a festive, loud and fun atmosphere and great seafood that's been a Boulder staple for a couple of decades. Finally, Centro is right down the street from Jax (same owners) and has tasty upscale Mexican food and a great patio if the weather is nice.

        If you have time for a cocktail, definitely check out the Bitter Bar for a speakeasy vibe and my favorite cocktails in town. OAK also has a great cocktail program as well.

    2. For beers, why not one of the brew pubs? Lower class than the Kitchen and its ilk (Oak, as suggested, is very good but very expensive). Another side of local flavor might be the Southern Sun or Under the Sun (Mountain Sun too, but I don't like the atmosphere as much, though it is downtown).

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        Mountain Sun/Southern Sun pubs are good spots for beers and a burger, but their food is fairly ordinary to recommend to a visitor on a short trip. I would not think of Oak as "very expensive" (that would be Flagstaff House) and it's one of the best places to eat in Boulder right now in addition to having CO craft beers. You can spend $23 on the wood-fired chicken and be stuffed. $5 fried pickles plus great happy hour, mid-day, and late night specials. Since the OP mentioned The Kitchen I was recommending something along those lines for another choice and I think Oak is at the top of their game right now.

        1. re: rlm

          The OP has the googles, I'm sure, and can surely check everything we suggest (like the prices) and tell from my clear indication that my suggestions are lower class/cheaper versions of local flavor that I am NOT suggesting something along the lines of the Kitchen. You obviously have more money to spend on dining than I; it may not be Flagstaff House expensive, but Oak is expensive, $5 fried pickles or not. And every single place in Boulder has CO craft beers; I merely suggested places where a) he can't get the beers they have anywhere else, and b) they have 20+ on tap.

          In other words, a simple suggestion for the OP to consider, depending on what kind of "local flavor" he was looking for. Not sure why you felt the need to say, basically, that you're right and I'm wrong.

      2. Hi friends,

        Here is the post trip report:

        Landed Monday morning.
        Stopped at Chic fil a for lunch. On my bucket list, never been. Tasty and great customer service. Told them it was my first visit and they have me a few shake. Nice touch.

        Worked and then went to The Kitchen for dinner and ate outside.

        Crispy pig ears
        Pork belly
        Burrata bruschetta

        The meal was phenomenal and I has an Avery beer. Very tasty

        Breakfast the next morning was at Lucile's

        House chai
        Buttermilk biscuit
        Shrimp and grits
        Carrot cake pancakes.

        Loved every single thing about this place.

        We walked across the street from where we were working at went to the big Whole Foods for a quick working lunch. Beautiful inside and super busy for a Tuesday. Wow. Had a chopped salad.

        For dinner, we went to Bitter Bar

        Smoked tea and rye whisky cocktail
        Another Avery beer
        A board with 3 bacon skewers, cheese, ham, toast, homemade pretzel
        Salmon tartare

        Wow, was blown away by this meal. Super happy when I left here.
        Walked over to the Bohemian Beirgarten and had a dark dunkel. Fun atmosphere.

        Rode a bike at the hotel the next morning through UC boulder and had bagel and lox at Cafe Rosa. Fun vibe, lots of beards

        Stopped at Zoe Ma Ma for lunch and had dumplings and braised chicken thigh noodle soup. Delicious.

        I loved everything about my very quick trip to Boulder. Bought some tea downtown, went in the best bookstore I have ever been in and everyone was super nice.

        Thanks for all of the help.

        Mark Adamowicz
        Sutton, MA

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          Thanks for the report, sounds like you nailed it. Glad you enjoyed the trip!

          1. re: markadamowicz

            Great write up, mark! Thanks for sharing your experiences, looks like you hit some of Boulder's best. Reminds me that I haven't been to Bitter Bar yet, and this is a motivator.

          2. Stopped in to The Kitchen for lunch after visiting the Farmer's Market on Saturday and enjoyed a fabulous meal: food + service were excellent. From the housemade bread, to the impeccable lamb burger (charred edges, medium rare, slightly gamey flavor...yum), to the extra-fried fries (not a tad greasy), to the housemade ice cream (lemon verbena!), we all were wowed by the flavors. One of our group had the polenta w/ wild mushrooms -- it was really extraordinary. Even the iced tea was nicely made.

            All 3 of us were especially impressed by the professional service -- attentive, warm but not cloying. And water glasses promptly filled without asking is always appreciated...