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Oct 4, 2013 11:40 PM


Going to be in New Orleans for NYE with my boyfriend; first time there for both of us. Any recommendations on restaurants? Want great quality food, hopefully no jacket necessary (for him), moderate to slightly expensive $$$ maybe $$$$ if it's really worth it. Smaller size and bistro-esqu sounds nice but not necessary.

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  1. Where are you staying?

    Do you want to be part of the scrum near Jackson Square or would you prefer away from the NYE chaos of the FQ?

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    1. re: collardman

      We are staying in Marigny at a B&B. I would prefer to avoid Jackson Square and the crazy bits of the French Quarter for that night. I might like to see the fireworks on the river if that is doable with avoiding the mass chaos of the FQ.

      1. re: linpo

        If you want to watch the fire works on the river, might I suggest that you look into Galvez. Only restaurant with a view of the river. Food is good...view is outstanding!

    2. As I am looking, it seems that most of the good restaurants are in Uptown area and the Warehouse District. Did we make a mistake in our choosing Marigny for accommodations? Staying at Marigny Manor.

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        I don't think you made a mistake, but New Year's Eve is notoriously one of the worst nights for eating out all year so it's going to be a little trickier to find something that's not a crappy overpriced prix fixe. Call Meauxbar. It's a bistro on the edge of the Quarter that might tick all your boxes.

        In my experience, Jackson Square is not unbearable on NYE. It's never been as crowded as I expect it to be and you can drink outdoors (no glass) so it's pretty low stress to just byo and kind of stay above the fray.

        1. re: linpo

          There may be a disconnect between the type of dining you want, based on your OP, and staying in Marigny which is across the congested FQ from the CBD/Warehouse area and Uptown. As you noticed, the more classic restaurants of the type you seem to want are a distance from the hip area where you are staying, particularly if your goal is to sample the places and the dishes you've heard of. Depends on your tolerance for time and money spent getting around. Unless you have a strong desire to immerse yourselves in the hip, upcoming side of town, you might want to think about staying elsewhere. There are plenty of B&B's, small hotels, etc. to stay all over the place if that's what you want.

          1. re: johnb

            On the other hand, it's easy enough to call for a cab (call United) to get to dinner, wander back across the Quarter (from the Circle Bar at Lee Circle -- the edge of the Warehouse District -- to where you're staying is about a 45 minute walk if you don't stop anywhere), end the night on Frenchmen, and stumble into bed.

            A cab from where you're staying to (say) Commander's is about $15; to Emeril's shouldn't run you more than $10-ish.

            Depending on how you roll, you're close to a handful of fabulous places on lower Decatur (Aunt Tiki's, the Abbey, Cane & Table, Turtle Bay, Molly's, Spitfire); on St. Claude (Siberia, AllWays, Hi-Ho, Kajun's); and in the Marigny (Lost Love Lounge, R Bar, Marie's, Buffa's, the John). Though if you decide to stay elsewhere, I hear that the other side of Canal has a couple of bars.

            U.L.'s Meauxbar recommendation is solid ... I think the place is too often overlooked. The food and service are always spot on. I have no particular experience on NYE but my gut feel is that they'll pull it off better than most.

        2. I am not too worried about getting around. Mountouri, thanks for the suggestions around our Marigny, they will come in handy! The bf thinks that Gautreau's would be a good idea. Not too much info out there on it. Thoughts?

          1. I did NYE last year...and also stayed in the Marigny. We went to Muriel's, which had a nice NYE menu. It was a smaller menu than usual but still had plenty of choices. Service was only slightly diminished by the full house.

            We chose the latest seating so we could be in the restaurant and toast at midnight. You might want to choose an earlier time and step out into Jackson Square for the celebration.

            I did not find the Jackson Square crowd overwhelming. There was plenty of fringe space if you wanted to stay out of the main throng.

            About taxis, though. That was a real problem. We finally found one to get to Muriel's, but getting home was a different story. The cab companies weren't even answering their phones. Fortunately, we weren't too far away from our rental and we walked home, though it wasn't ideal at that time of night.

            I would see if you could get the cell phone number of a cabbie that you can call direct for pickup. We did that on a different evening.

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            1. re: JoeyH

              That looks like a decent choice. How much was the prix fixe menu? I wonder if it would be better to save one of the more expensive dinners for a non-nye night.

            2. So we have researched many places (found out Gautreau's and Commander's Palace aren't taking reservations). We have reservations at Bayona. I think this will keep us close enough to accommodations to walk and get us to the river for fireworks and some festivities. Has anyone been to Bayona for a prixe fixe menu? It is $90 for four courses. I imagine everywhere will be similar in price if not more. Will bars be charging a cover to get in for post dinner drinks?