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Oct 4, 2013 11:25 PM

Lunch and dinner near Corona Park

So after all these years we're finally going to spend some time in and around Corona Park without jumping on a train and running home as soon as our business is done. We'd like to find a place for lunch and dinner in the area, preferably to the west and/or north along or on the way to the 7 or E trains.

For lunch, ideally it would be something we could pick up and haul to the Zoo. For dinner sit-down or stand-up is fine.

We have a preference for Mexican, Central American or South American food, though the right South Asian or African place could be fun too. We're not into Korean, which I understand is something of a strength in that area.

At the front of the list now are Tortilleria Nixtamal and Empanadas Cafe (does that place even have tables or are they catering only? -- it was unclear from their website). But we're open to ideas from people much better informed than we are.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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    1. re: nokitchen

      Tortilleria Nixtamal is wonderful, some of the best tacos I've ever had. The salsas are amazing and they have daily specials that are usually quite good. Parkside is very solid Italian fare and would be a good choice for dinner. Or you could take the 7 train out of Corona and then your choices become overwhelming. Sripraphai for Thai, Mamak House for Malaysian curries, Banh Mi at Joju, Uruguayan steak at La Fusta, Tibetan food at Himalayan Yak, Cuban food at Rincon Criollo, etc. etc.

    2. Tortas Neza food truck @ 111th Street and Roosevelt Ave. is a solid suggestion for your lunch stop. Here's a link to Joe DiStefano's site for some more info;

      1. La Esquina Criolla is nearby, a combination butcher shop and Argentinean restaurant. Nothing fancy but very satisfying, especially at those prices.

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          +HUGE NUMBER for Esquina Criolla. We love that place so much...for dinner, mostly because we don't have sangria for lunch ;-0

          Seriously though, the skirt steak is divine and the sausage platter is exemplar. The staff is great and the atmosphere is cheery, and the prices are very reasonable. On the negative side, hundreds of locals subscribe to the same view

        2. Outstanding! I've now got more than enough info to really enjoy the trip out there. Thanks for the suggestions, all.