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Oct 4, 2013 08:55 PM

Are food or drinks imported to the U.S. the same as abroad ?

I was just reading a reply about imported pasta. Saying that it's different than what we get in the U.S. It got me thinking.We brought back Nutella from Italy.We thought it tasted better. Guinness stout seemed to be different also when tasted abroad. Is it a fact or just a myth ?

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  1. Not Heineken. Made in the same brewery, but to a different formula. Even when it is the same, beer (and stout) always suffer from time and transportation. Possibly/probably other foods as well.

      1. Nutella that we normally can buy in the USA is made in the USA (or actually the label now says Canada). So it isn't as though they are making a different mix in Italy for export. However, it is easy to get similar spreads from other countries and brands.

        Sometimes we get 'export quality' items, which may be 'better' (in some way or other) - especially if the country needs the foreign cash.

        Probably the surest way of getting the same item in the USA as abroad, is to shop in ethnic or discount stores (grocery outlet, big lots) where you can find items that have the foreign label (with just a little added sticker in English).

        1. In Singapore, we've had Nutella imported from two different countries - don't remember which ones and don't have any to check. The list of ingredients differed.

          1. The Nutella in Italy is in a glass jar; here in the US it is in a plastic jar. Don't know if there is a difference beyond that.
            Fanta orange soda in Italy is more like an Aranciatta soda. Here in the US it is a sickly sweet syrupy swill that bears no resemblance to orange as far as taste is concerned.