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Oct 4, 2013 08:16 PM

Dinner for 12

The fun in bringing a bigger group out for dinner is rarely related to service.

Anyone have any ideas for a trendy casual establishment, that takes a reservation and won't break the bank?

Past dinners:
Swish By Han
Playa Cabana
La Carnita

I was thinking maybe the newer Sukho Thai location, but have never been and am not sure how conducive it is to the larger group.

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  1. Momofuku Daisho is super fun for big groups. They have some giant round tables. Get a large format meal like the Bo Ssam and then a bunch of stuff a la carte.

    1. Enoteca Sociale has a cellar that's pretty cool. Don't know if it holds 12 people but when I went there were 9 of us and we had an awesome time.

      Libretto Danforth is another possibility.

      1. Agree with the other suggestions below but just wanted to note that the service at the new Sukho Thai is generally awful.