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Oct 4, 2013 07:32 PM

Restaurant Week:1st trip to Seattle/family of 4

Hey Chow Seattle!
This family of 4 adventurous gourmands is heading to Seattle from Toronto for Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Our stay will include the 13-15 Oct which is part of Seattle Restaurant week. We have something similar in Toronto and have been avoiding it. Prix fixe can be such a drag.

But with a 14 & 12 year old in tow on a home buying trip (relocation coming up), thought it might be a thrifty and fun way to check out some different neighbourhoods and Seattle's famous culinary culture. We are staying in the UW area and have a rental car.

I see Ma'Ono in West Seattle comes highly recommended. And we are lovers of all chicken fried, so that is right up our alley. We are open to trying any and all neighbourhoods, but particularly curious about Ballard, Queen Anne, & Fremont. Any and all foodie suggestions appreciated. Especially curious about best sushi options for WOW factor, as we do not live by the ocean!

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  1. Hi Dameens; there are many, many reco's for best restaurants in Ballard, Fremont and Queen Ann (both upper QA, and Lower QA neighborhoods). You can type the neighborhood name in the search box up in the upper right corner on this board, and find discussions by neighborhood if you like:).

    Ma'Ono is great, and we also have one of the only 'sustainable' sushi resto's in the country in West Seattle - Mashiko which is pretty awesome.

    As for Restaurant Week; you can check out menus for all perticipating restaurants on the website to see what's on offer;

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      Thanks gingershelley. Cheers and thanks for the link... Hard to choose, the menus all look so very yum.

      But I can only eat 3 of these prix fixe dinners due to timing, so as we are tourists, I think I'll go for Ray's Boathouse in Ballard... will just wait for a sunny day to try and catch a little sunset action on the views. How to Cook a Wolf also sounds promising, with promising pre and post dinner strolls along Queen Anne. And maybe Poppy in Capitol Hill too. We are staying quite close to Chiso Sushi so might try their lunch one of those days, if there is any room left in the tummy.

      My only regret is that this plan leaves no time for Staple and Fancy's prix fixe. But if I have to choose only 1 stop in Ballard on our 1st trip to Seattle, I think Ray's Boathouse views will tip the scales.

      Have decided to do Ma'Ono on a non prix fixe night and gobble up some fried chicken instead of a prix fixe menu.

      1. re: dameems

        Many of the restaurants do their regular menu in addition to the prix fixe so you might want to check if the timing works better for you.

        1. re: FoodDee

          FoodDee, crazy kitchens! They do prix fixe and regular menu during promo week? That's great news for us. Must drive the chefs crazy tho.....

        2. re: dameems

          How to Cook a Wolf has been declining. I wouldn't bother. And opinions differ on this board, but I think Ray's is better for views that food. I would go to Staple and Fancy any day over Ray's. You can get views by just going on a walk!

          Keep in mind when you think through your walks—Google maps don't show the hills. Fremont --> Queen Anne and Queen Anne --> anywhere can mean a lot of uphill slogs. Doable, but worth knowing about.